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Triple Offset DBB valves compared to traditional ball and gate valves for dual isolation

Traditional double block and bleed valves

A traditional double block and bleed system which are commonly utilised in safety critical applications requiring dual isolation, such as steam lines, water pipelines, and distribution systems consist of two individual isolation valves, a spool piece and a bleed valve.

This system is usually expensive, heavy, and large in size. Furthermore, it has a higher risk of fugitive emissions and leakages due to multiple flanged faces.

DBB valves with Triple Offset Technology

Hobbs Valve have engineered a DBB valve which utilises Triple Offset Technology to integrate the features of a DBB system into a three piece valve assembly manufactured within a one piece cast body.

Hobbs Triple offset DBB valve

This engineered solution has the obvious benefits of less weight, less space requirements and less cost, with the face-to-face dimensions being equivalent to a standard gate valve - however, the benefits don’t stop there:

  • Bleed Valve accommodated integrally in the cast
  • Fewer flanged faces resulting in the potential of lower fugitive emissions
  • Guaranteed zero leakage – achieves optimum performance
  • Increased cavity between both discs – reduces the possibility of a breach during full pressurisation

Hobbs DBB Valve compared to Ball and Gate DBB Valve

Below is a comparison between Hobbs Triple offset DBB valve and traditional gate and ball DBB systems.

Valve comparison table

Hobbs' DBB valve with it's Triple Offset design, has significantly lower face-to-face dimensions and overall weight.

To read about Hobbs Triple Offset Double Block and Bleed valve in a steamline application, click here.

Hobbs Valve can offer bespoke solutions by manufacturing special face-to-face dimensions to suit your application requirements. This unique proposition is extremely beneficial when replacing old or obsolete valves in existing pipelines or applications. By manufacturing DBB valves with face-to-face dimensions to suit your application, there is no need for welding of pipes, cutting of flanges or long periods of down-time.

Do any of our readers have experience of using a Triple Offset Valve instead of a traditional double block and bleed design? 

Company Profile

Hobbs Valve Limited

Hobbs Valve are UK based and are at the forefront of innovation, designing and manufacturing high performance Triple Offset Butterfly Valves for the global Industries of Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Marine and Power.

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