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    Power Generation & Nuclear

    Electricity generation is predicted to increase by as much as 45% by 2040 as rising living standards in emerging markets are driving up demand for home appliances and electronic devices. Over the coming decades, renewables are likely to be the fastest-growing source of power generation, followed by natural gas and nuclear. Many countries will be looking to move away from coal and fossil fuels, favouring cleaner energies that deliver greater sustainability. As such, decreasing renewable energy costs, new energy technologies and low natural gas prices are all forcing traditional power generation companies to rethink their strategies for the coming decades.

    While the world’s growing appetite for energy represents an opportunity for the power generation and nuclear industries, facilities face an uphill battle to keep pace with demand. Engineers, facility managers and decision makers in these industries have to be reactive to the constantly shifting legislative, regulatory and geopolitical environment that they work within. Process Industry Forum can keep you nimble and up to date with all the latest news, trends, data and opinion from inside the power generation and nuclear industries. Our comprehensive power generation news coverage will cover stories from across these diverse industries. Whether it is coal, gas, nuclear or renewables you are interested in, Process Industry Forum has it covered.

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