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    The automotive industry is a vital contributor to the global economy. Global profits for automotive OEMs are predicted to rise by 50% to €79 billion by the year 2020. Two-thirds of this growth is expected to come from emerging markets, particularly China, presenting a power shift in the global order of automotive manufacturing. In the UK alone, the automotive industry accounts for more than £82 billion of annual turnover and employs around 186,000 people directly in manufacturing. However, the motor industry is negotiating some of the most daunting challenges it has ever faced. Tightening environmental legislation is driving the first major departure away from combustion engines and powertrains towards greener alternatives, like battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. While Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are fuelling the race to launch Autonomous Vehicles, which could drastically alter the way we drive, own and manufacture vehicles.

    If you work in or around the automotive industry either as a manufacturer or within the supply chain, or you simply have an interest in the automotive sector in general, Process Industry Forum can keep you up to date with all the latest news, trends and predictions. Our comprehensive automotive section will give you insights into a broad range of trending topics that are pushing the agenda in the automotive industry today. From the ongoing digitalisation of automotive manufacturing; to developments affecting the UK automotive supply chain; to Britain’s continuing relationship with the EU’s automotive industry; connected and autonomous vehicles; to changing environmental legislation – PIF will bring you the latest insights into all these areas and many more, as we aim to keep you fully up to speed with the latest developments affecting the automotive industry.

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