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    Cables & Connectors

    Cables and connectors are essential items for maintaining data and signal transmission, connectivity and power supply for instrumentation and hardware across a wide range of manufacturing applications. In an increasingly automated and digitalised operational environment, it is imperative for engineers and manufacturers to source control cables and electrical connectors that deliver high performance, reliable connectivity and efficiency. High-performance networks are critical to most modern day manufacturing processes. These are just some of the factors that fuel the growth of the cables and connectors market, which is predicted to be worth more than $125 billion by 2022.

    In the manufacturing world, you are never more than just a few inches away from a cable or connector. At Process Industry Forum, we understand this better than most. Which is why we aim to keep you up to date with all the very latest product innovations in the cables and connectors market. Stay informed about up-and-coming design trends, breakthroughs and processes from across the globe. Our incisive and informative articles are sourced from a worldwide network of the best cable and connector manufacturers, including world-class producers like Murrelektronik, to bring you news of the most cutting-edge product launches and exciting new technology within the industry.

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