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New Diagnostic Analytic Tool for the Petrochemical Market from ICIS

Following a significant investment in technology and analytics, ICIS has launched a new suite of analytics tools for the petrochemical […]

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Top Bürkert Precision Valves for Chemical Applications

In this article, PIF speak to one of Scotland’s leading industrial valve suppliers, BM Engineering Supplies, about the best Bürkert […]

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BM Engineering Supplies

Test the chemical resistance of your materials using these 3 apps

If you deal with aggressive fluids on a regular basis, you’ll be familiar with the constant issue of having to […]

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Process Industry Forum

Emerson’s new Fisher Z500 metal-seated ball valves for severe service applications

Emerson’s game-changing new Fisher Z500 line of metal-seated ball valves provide tight shutoff for improved process efficiency and uptime in […]

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Emerson Process Management

PIF’s inside guide to the forthcoming Achema 2015

Global chemical engineering and process industry technology summit, ACHEMA, takes place from 15th – 19th June in Frankfurt, Germany. With […]

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Process Industry Forum

Bürkert boosts chemical distribution company’s efficiencies with complete control system

When chemical distribution company, Brenntag, required expert design and installation knowledge to replace their effluent monitoring and batch control systems, […]

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Top safety tips for the Oil and Gas industry

The Oil and Gas industry falls well and truly within the category of a high-risk working environment. Few other industries […]

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David Wilson

Positive displacement pumps – chemical applications

The industrial processes involved in chemical manufacture are complex and intricate. With all the transferring operations involved, it’s imperative to […]

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David Wilson

Versatile control valve for many applications: cryogenic, shipbuilding, chemical and steam!

A previous article explains the innovative features of the sliding gate control valve and how these features deliver specific application […]

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Schubert and Salzer Inc

Innovative Pneumatic Cylinder from Norgren for considerable energy and cost savings

What does every end-user want from their pneumatic equipment? I think to name a few; cost savings, energy savings, reduced […]

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Chemical & Petrochemical

The chemical and petrochemical industries are among the most important sectors of global trade, exerting significant influence on countless other manufacturing sectors and our daily lives in general. Generating a global turnover of nearly $800 million, the chemical and petrochemical industries produce chemicals and plastics that are crucial for a wide range of products and processes. The chemical industries are reliant on availability, reliability, product quality and yield, and face increasing scrutiny over their energy consumption, material use and waste. The industry operates in an increasingly challenging global landscape, whereby everything from the fluctuating price of crude oil to a growing backlash against plastics threaten the status quo.

Chemical and petrochemical plants and engineers operate in some of the most hostile and aggressive environments possible, which also makes these industries some of the most heavily-regulated. Process Industry Forum will keep you abreast of all the latest global trends and developments in the chemical and petrochemical industries. We hand-select the most pertinent and incisive news, data and opinion from across the industry and beyond to give professionals working within the sector the most relevant and topical insights. Our ultimate goal is to keep you several steps ahead of emerging trends and legislation to enable industry professionals to remain informed, compliant and competitive.

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