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Why Bürkert should be your hygienic process automation supplier

Controlling fluids and gases requires technical expertise and experience. With any hygienic process control project, sourcing a suitable supplier is […]

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

BP’s Alligin oil development given green light

BP’s Alligin development west of Shetland has been given the go-ahead by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). Targeting 20 […]

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Rowan Norway Limited awarded Gudrun field drilling contract

Rowan Norway Limited has been awarded a contract from Equinor to drill two wells at the Norwegian Gudrun field using […]

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Rowan Norway Limited

How butterfly valves are used in the oil & gas sector

In the harsh environs of remote offshore oil rigs or gas pipelines branching across the frozen tundra, heavy-duty oil and […]

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Process Industry Forum

Gear pump market worth $2.32 billion by 2025

The global gear pump market could be worth $2.32 billion by 2025, according to analysts at Hexa Research. Growth is […]

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Hexa Research

High Performance Butterfly Valves for Extreme Applications

High-performance butterfly valves are essential for many industrial applications such as throttling control. However, when considering valves for extreme applications, […]

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Process Industry Forum

What is a butterfly valve and what is it used for?

Butterfly valves have grown in popularity over the years due in so small part to a compact and lightweight profile […]

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Process Industry Forum

The future of drilling systems by Frost & Sullivan

In this article, PIF explores the recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan to learn about the future of drilling systems. […]

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Frost & Sullivan

Find the correct drivetrain for your oil and gas application

For extreme environments such as the oil and gas industry, having products that are reliable and can withstand the harsh […]

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Altra Industrial Motion

The uses of PTFE with TRP Polymer Solutions

Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as PTFE, is a remarkable polymeric material for reliable sealing solutions. PTFE is highly chemical resistant, flexible, […]

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TRP Polymer Solutions

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The oil and gas industry operates in a market and environment that is as volatile as the raw product that they seek to extract and refine. The global offshore oil and gas industry benefits our lives in a variety of different ways. Its products underpin much of modern society, from heating our homes, to supplying the raw materials needed to run the power industry, and providing fuel for the transportation of goods and people worldwide. The oil and gas industry’s broad supply chain employs hundreds of thousands of people, making a huge contribution to the global economy. With the price of crude oil recovering slowly, there is cautious optimism regarding the future of oil and gas production.

With such rapid and far-ranging changes occurring all the time in the oil and gas industries, it is imperative for engineers, facility managers and other professionals with a vested interest in the industry to keep abreast with the latest developments and trends in the industry. Process Industry Forum provides a rich seam of oil and gas new for engineers to access all the need-to-know news, data, opinion and trends from the industry. Our goal is to give you the most relevant, timely and incisive industry-specific oil news and insights to keep you informed, connected and competitive in today’s oil and gas market. Whether your point of reference is upstream, midstream or downstream – Process Industry Forum covers the topics that matter the most to you and your business.

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