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    Control and automation are critical facets of modern engineering. Industrial control systems involve the application of control theory, whereby a system’s desired output is achieved by controlling the input as part of a feedback loop. These systems are critical in a wide range of applications, including the chemical, automotive, petroleum, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Industrial automation relies on machines to perform tasks without human input, usually based on the predefined programmes of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Smart factories are increasingly reliant on these engineering systems to carry out lean and efficient manufacturing processes on a daily basis.

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of industrial automation and control. Distributed sensor networks and IP-enabled devices are increasingly replacing traditional PLCs. High speed computation, cloud storage and sophisticated machine learning algorithms mean that virtually any process or system will soon be the subject of automation and control systems. Process Industry Forum keeps you right up to date with all the latest control and automation technology, from control relays to robotics, PLCs, software, variable speed drives and much more. We bring you all the latest product innovations from the very best control and automation specialists across the globe.

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