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    The subsea and offshore industry is a highly specialised field of application with demanding engineering requirements. Since the oil price crash of 2014, the industry, which is well drilled in navigating hostile conditions and extreme environments, has been operating in some of the most challenging circumstances in its history. Fluctuating oil prices have impacted global investment and subsequent industry revenue, commissioning and employment. However, recovering oil prices offer cause for cautious optimism for this diverse, highly skilled and technical industry to thrive once more. With some sector analysts predicting that the subsea engineering sector could double in size within the next five years, the industry looks to have weathered the worst of the storm.

    Process Industry Forum aims to serve a broad cross-section of professionals in the subsea and offshore engineering sectors, from engineers to facility managers, by bringing you the latest stories from today’s markets. We cover everything from drilling and exploration, to subsea equipment and decommissioning. We keep our finger on the pulse to bring you all the latest news, trends, legislation, acquisitions and technological innovations set to impact the industry. No matter whether your particular field of interest lies in offshore engineering, subsea engineering or the offshore oil industry in general, Process Industry Forum brings you the most incisive articles, data and opinion relevant to you and your specialism within the subsea and offshore industry.

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