About Us

PIF is about

  • Improving the online effectiveness of how the Process Industry communicates and engages with its various stakeholders.
  • Global connectivity and the sharing of technical solutions and information.
  • Encouraging open and free dialogue between industry technical experts, designers, operational and maintenance communities, manufacturers, consultants and the industry thought leaders.

What does PIF offer its readers?

PIF aims to provide its readers with the following resources, both now and in the future;

  • A ‘Solution Centre’ style forum where readers have direct access to over 100 technical experts to answer technical questions and queries.
  • A library of ‘solution-driven’ articles across a wide range of industry sectors and application areas.
  • A regular selection of topical product and industry innovation articles.
  • Regular ‘thought leadership’ and interview articles on topics of direct relevance to the many sectors comprising the Process Industry.
  • A ‘tricks and tips’ portfolio that can help our readers on a day-to-day basis.
  • Career and management articles of direct relevance.
  • White papers, access to technical datasheets and a selection of useful online tools.
  • Events calendars for each industry segment
  • A comprehensive industry directory of “who is who” throughout the Process Industry
  • A ‘Process Industry Jobs’ platform with the aim of bringing together potential employers, recruiters and candidates across the global marketplace.

Most importantly, PIF will provide you with the opportunity to be part of an ever-growing network of professionals within your industry and will also provide you with the inspiration & ideas on how to succeed and develop within this network.

PIF’s Brand Values

Pioneering – our aim is to change the way the Process Industry communicates online; what is delivered, how it is delivered and why it is delivered.

Inspirational – by connecting readers and members with industry thought leaders, technical experts and leading solutions and innovations.

Quality – by delivering quality content that is unique, researched and unbiased.

Dependable – to become recognised as a trusted source of industry information and advice by providing content that is accurate and moderated.

Effective – to understand and achieve our stakeholder’s objectives and to give our readers compelling reasons to return to the Process Industry Forum site.