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The Seven Engineering Wonders of the 21st Century Modern World – as voted by young engineers

When many of us think of examples of engineering work, we automatically think of famous constructions such as Big Ben […]

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Process Industry Forum

New camera a Leap forward in intravascular surgery

Medical practitioners can for the first time view inside veins and arteries, thanks to breakthrough new camera technology. A single-use, […]

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Cambridge Consultants

Technology to improve patients’ lives in healthcare

The government will be investing over £17 million in funding, specifically in technology that could transform healthcare and greatly improve […]

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Future innovation for self-monitoring of blood glucose

Lifescan, Inc has announced their latest innovation, the OneTouch Verio Reflect™. This came as part of a symposium on the […]

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Discover the hidden ways compressed air is used in society

Glaston Compressor Services explores the many ways compressed air benefits our society, from improving manufacturing, to saving lives in the […]

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Glaston Compressor Services

Bürkert develops cost-effective dosing unit

Bürkert has teamed up with analysis equipment manufacturers Biosystems to develop a cost-effective and highly efficient new dosing unit. In […]

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

How to deliver compact, reliable and cost-effective solutions in world of Microfluidics

The world of Microfluidics is advancing quickly and as new developments and technologies arise so do the number of possible […]

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

What are the important considerations in Microfluidic valve solutions?

In the MicroFluidics world where compactness, smart communication, dead legs, cross contamination and validation are everyday concerns, specialist equipment and […]

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

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The life science and medical manufacturing sector is a complex and diverse industry covering many high-tech and crucial fields, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals and biomedical devices, to name but a few. Manufacturers working towards developing innovative and cost-effective medicines, technology and systems are required to operate within challenging market pressures. Regulators, health care providers and patients now demand greater value for money, increased transparency, proven effectiveness of products and greater access to information. The upshot is that a more patient-centric model is the ultimate aim of new scientific advances and digital technologies emerging from this industry.

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