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Flanged Solenoid Valves undergo re-design to offer increased strength, reduced weight & reduced costs

Flange valves have been providing top quality connections in installation for decades – they are dependable, standardised and robust.

Buschjost - Leaders in Process Valves

Buschjost, part of the Norgren brand, are world leaders in Process Valves. Buschjost push the boundaries in terms of technology and innovation to ensure their products are always solving engineering challenges and improving performance. It is for the reason, the new design of their robust and dependable flange solenoid valves must be communicated to the market place.

Buschjost Flanged Solenoid Valves

The design of the Buschjost flanged solenoid valves has been completely revised in terms of valve technology and geometry to offer the customer several application advantages above and beyond the general reliability & robustness that Buschjost solenoid valves deliver.

Buschjost flanged solenoid valves

Advantages of the newly designed flanged solenoid valves:

  • The flange solenoid valves conform to all relevant standards in terms of hole pattern and size.
  • New flange design for DN 15- DN 30 in 4 leaf clover design.
  • The re-design offers a 3.5 KG saving in weight – this is a 30% weight reduction
  • The solenoid valves offer a cost saving due to reduced material usage
  • Lighter solenoid valve means energy savings in transportation and handling and leads to reduced installation times.
  • Use of computer simulation means the units have been optimised for greater strength

The valve range incorporates 'Click-On' Solenoid Technology meaning the solenoid can be quickly and easily change without the need for equipment or tools.

Flanged solenoid valves for improved safety

During the development stage a key driving factor was safety – all of the solenoid valve functions and parameters have been verified and optimised through a comprehensive programme of computer simulation. The valves meet the requirements of the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) in categories 1 and 2 for all media.

About Flanged Solenoid Valves:

Flanged solenoid valves

The Buschjost Flanged Solenoid Valve are suited to highly demanding application in the chemical, gas, sterilisation, textile, paper, mechanical engineering and water treatment sectors – any many more.

The valve bodies are constructed of stainless steel and can also be specified in high quality cast steel.

The comprehensive range of solenoid valves are available for all standard voltages, with a variety of specialist voltages upon request and wide range of temperatures from -40°C to 200°C.

The valves are available in an ATEX version or a Backpressure tight version, with variable safety options (ATEX, SIL, 3.1) and with a wide-range of sealings (NBR, NBR-K, EPDM, FPM, CR & PTFE). The valve flange connections meet ASME, EN 1092-1/D.

MGA Controls are a distributor and stockist of Buschjost valves and are fully trained in the complete product range. If you have a technical question regarding the new flange valves, either ask our experts a question in the Solution Centre or visit our PIF profile to contact us directly.

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MGA Controls Ltd

MGA Controls are a leading Control & Instrumentation company delivering high-quality products and services to the industry since 1986.

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