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Buschjost “Click-on” solenoid coils bring greater flexibility to solenoid valve range

How many times have you been caught out by the fact that you have the correct solenoid valve for a particular application but the wrong coil? And then you find that the correct coil comes with a different fitting and so you need to order a complete new valve. Sound familiar?

Buschjost 'Click-on' Solenoid Valves & Coils

Well the answer to this problem is now available! Buschjost have now introduced their unique range of “Click-On” valves and coils.

Buschjost solenoid valve

Benefits of Click-on' technology

“Click-On” Technology provides an innovative coil clamping mechanism to hold the coil in place. Where normal solenoid valves employ a clip or perhaps the use of a nut onto the threaded core tube, the “Click-On” style is a thin stainless steel spring clip which extends from the base of the core tube and latches on to the top of the coil, firmly holding it in place. This modular approach allows for quick and easy maintenance and replacement of the coil.

The benefits are that it becomes possible to bolt on a wide variety of different voltage coils to a given valve without the need for specialist tools. In the event of changing the coil, simply pull back the spring-clip and the coil will easily slide off the core tube, ready to be replaced.

The valves come in a wide range of body materials, sizes and seat materials for many different applications. They have a strong precision engineered appeal and are compact in size. Their robustness and mode of operation allow them to be mounted in any position, whilst at the same time conforming to international safety requirements. They can be used on fluids up to +200deg C.

Please let us have your views and feedback on how useful this modular approach can be for your applications?

Company Profile


Buschjost falls under the Norgren group of companies. Buschjost is a Market Leader in Process and Multimedia Valves.

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