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Buschjost pilot operated solenoid valves in application

Buschjost have been producing high quality solenoid valves and pressure operated valves for 60 years plus. They are renowned for technological innovation, high quality and their conscientious approach to the environment.

Pilot operated solenoid valve

One thing Buschjost seem especially good at is engineering versatile products, which add real value to end-user applications. This article will discuss the 82400 ‘Click-On’ high-pressure solenoid valve series in different contexts, to demonstrate the versatility and innovative nature of Buschjost’s solenouid valves.

Solenoid Valves for Textiles & Laundry applications

solenoid valves laundry applicationThe Buschjost 2/2 solenoid valves are perfect in textile applications where linen and cloths need to be folded precisely and speedily. 2/2 Solenoid valves can be installed to control the air operating the folding mechanism. In such applications, reaction and response times of the valve are important, usually they need to respond under 25 ms. Control over the operation is essential, as the fold needs to precise, in the middle of the linen.

Buschjost solenoid valves lend themselves well to applications such as these. With manual override, and low power consumption, the valves offer a low-cost, easy-to-handle, effective solution. With a larger orifice port and high-pressure capabilities, the solution offers a high flow rate. A fabric diaphragm handles the high cycle demands of such an applications well.

Solenoid Valves for Agricultural & Farming applications

Solenoid Valves Agriculture application

Irrigation applications in an agricultural or farming context would use solenoid valves to automatically irrigate flowers, bushes, plants or crops. Buschjost valves have special features for added value in such applications.

With an extra EPDM seal for damped operation, excessive vibration in the pipeline after valve shut-off is prevented.  The valve has stainless steel screws to prevent rust and corrosion typical in high humidity applications, such as irrigation. The manual override option allows flexibility in the operation as it can be easily converted to manual operation. Finally, the valve is fitted with a drain screw to allow the water to drain from the valve, preventing pipes freezing.

Many of Buschjost’s products are designed to have specialist features, which add that extra value to an end-user application, such as the ‘Click-on’ range of solenoid valves. The solenoid coil easily clicks on and off the valve, meaning the solenoid is easily interchangeable, without the need for tools.

Do any of our readers have experience with Buschjost valves? Can anyone comment on features specific to Buschjost which do add value in applications?

Company Profile


Buschjost falls under the Norgren group of companies. Buschjost is a Market Leader in Process and Multimedia Valves.

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