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Cube67 and Cube20 for flexible decentralised IO systems

Decentralised Installation – Innovative Solutions with Cube67 and Cube67+ - Your Plus for Increased Flexibility.

Cube67 is based on balanced and economic solutions. Murrelektronik's innovative fieldbus system features simplified yet modern decentralised installations from the ground up. Murrelektonik explain just what a Cube67 is and also how Cube 67 control systems work and perform.

The new, innovative, Cube67+ bus node has the added benefit of providing even more flexibility than its predecessor. With this module, Murrelektronik has expanded the practice-proven Cube67 System offering fieldbus installations that are even more optimised, no matter what the application.

Cube67+: the plus stands for:

• An increased number of modules (up to 2 x 16 modules)
• Increased cable lengths for installations (up to 2 x 30 meters)
• Modules that can be installed at any position on the hybrid cable
• Daisy chaining of the power supply at the bus node

Economic Decentralisation – Modular, Compact and Rugged

The I/O level is perfectly located within the machine close to the sensors and actuators, whilst not occupying one large area or being concentrated in the control cabinet. Its reduced dimensions ensure that it has a compact and space-saving design, with LEDs close to each sensor/actuator. It is easily expandable and has the shortest sensor and actuator cabling, thus reducing cable costs. Lastly, it saves space in the machine or the control cabinet and takes away the need for switching matrices.

“Become Independent of the PLC Protocol” - Make only a Bus Change Instead Of a System Change!

This makes the machine installation independent of the controls and the fieldbus, meaning the application may be adapted to the end user's PLC specifications without having to modify the I/O periphery. The benefits of an efficient installation with Cube67 are maintained and are as follows:

• Standardise the installation process
• Enables flexible response to all end user specifications
• Need to configure the machine only once
• Create the documentation only once
• System skills needed only once
• Minimises inventory

Murrelektronik Bus NodeBus Node
Murrelektronik I/O ModulesMultifunctional I/O Modules

Machine Options Management – Simple, Optional, Retrofitting at the Touch of a Button

Generally, each machine variation or optional enhancement requires an individual hardware configuration with a separate piece of software. However, Murrelektronik’s integrated Machine Options Management enables you to virtually configure the fully enhanced version. This is because, the system automatically adapts to the actual hardware structure within the tangible machine, making elaborate software adaptation and administration for each type of machine no longer necessary. Consequently, the variety of software is reduced to only one version per machine series. PROFIBUS and PROFINET bus nodes of the Cube20, Cube67, and Cube67+ series support the Machine Options Management function.

Benefits and Features of Cube67 and Cube67+

Both Cube67 and Cube67+ ensure maximum flexibility through their multifunctional I/Os, as the two signals per port (input, diagnostics input or output) can all be independently configured. This means that double valves will require only one port and sidesteps any unused reserves.

Cube67 and Cube67+ deliver comprehensive diagnostics by providing detailed information on the type and location of the fault or error and only close down the affected port. This minimizes any downtime, typically associated with troubleshooting, whilst simultaneously enabling remote maintenance.

With both Cube67 and Cube67+, quick and simple plug connections replace any elaborate wiring, allowing you to simply assemble and plug in – that’s all! This avoids any wiring errors and shortens the start-up time, whilst also permitting quick swapping of cables.

Cube67 and Cube67+ are the new benchmark in automation. They allow for a much more simplified installation, due to the small, multifunctional, I/O modules and the variety of different interfaces involved. Furthermore, they can be installed close to sensors and loads, thereby saving installation time and offering benefits for service work because of the ease of trouble-shooting.

Cube20 – Innovative Installation Technology

Cube20 is a fieldbus I/O station with modular expandability, which can be integrated along with the Cube67 I/O system. Cube20 has been primarily designed for the requirements of modern wiring in control cabinets. When using Cube20, high costs from dealing with many individual components are reduced, thanks to its compact design and high channel density of 32 channels per I/O module. In addition to this, Cube20 can easily save space and provide more flexibility with 488 channels on 90 cm. Lastly, Cube20 also features maintenance-free plug terminals for single-wire connectivity that is standard in control cabinets.

Practical Applications of Cube20

Cube20 I/O modules are galvanically separated and have an integrated power input terminal. This simplifies the implementation of different potential groups and does not require additional power modules. Of course, Cube20 features the same convenient diagnostic options as Cube67, which facilitates troubleshooting and minimizes any downtime. Cube20 also provides convenient channel diagnostics as transparent connection terminals provide a full view of the I/O state and diagnostics. This ensures rapid and convenient failure localization, minimizes downtime and increases overall productivity.

New Ideas for an Efficient Installation

Cube20 could provide easier handling by having a reduced number of individual components and a compact design that equals high channel density. Furthermore, it also provides for an efficient installation through I/O connections with maintenance-free terminals and integrated power input terminals for practical applications.

Cube20 and Cube67 Have Grown Together

Given that Cube20 and Cube67 have grown together, Cube20 modules can actually be operated on Cube67 bus nodes, offering new installation options for many users. With the Cube20/67 interface module, it is possible to operate Cube67 modules on Cube20 bus nodes. The interface module connects

Cube67 modules to the Cube20 station from a distance of up to 10 meters, without requiring an additional Cube67 bus node. This inevitably reduces costs and facilitates the installation process.

Cube20 Bus Node with Machine Options Management

Cube20 offers the same Machine Options Management features as Cube67. With Cube20, it is now possible to create one configuration that maps the entire configuration of the machine for all hardware options, whilst the system automatically adapts to the actual hardware structure in the tangible machine. PROFIBUS and PROFINET bus nodes support the Machine Options Management function.

With the emergence of these new modules come new functions, some of which include:
• Efficient installations by the compatibility of Cube20 and Cube67
• Minimum software requirements thanks to Machine Options Management
• Over 100 different Cube20 and Cube67 modules offer the right module for any application

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