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Overview of Cube67 – the modular and compact distributed I/O system.

Murrelektronik delivers technical and complex solutions for electronic control cabinet and control systems. They provide made-to-measure solutions for a variety of tasks and applications, thanks to a comprehensive range of control cabinet products in the fields of power supply, interference suppression and processing. One such solution is their distributed I/O system, Cube67.

Download the Cube67 Distributed IO Brochure.

Features of Murrelektronik's Cube67

Distributed I/O

Cube67 stands for balanced and economic solutions, say Murrelektronik. This innovative fieldbus system features simplified, yet modern, decentralised installations from the ground up. Small, multifunctional I/O modules, and the variety of different interfaces, are the key to simplified installations. They can be installed close to sensors and loads and save on installation time and service work thanks to easy trouble-shooting.

The modular, distributed I/O system – which uniquely combines IP20 and IP67 protection – is plug-connected, robust and fully encapsulated. Starting at the bus coupler, the I/O layer spreads radially throughout the application. The hybrid system cable connections, for power supply and communication between individual components in the system, are rational and clear. Just assemble and plug in – it's that simple.

IO Modules

I/O modules are available for: digital, analog, and serial signals; temperature sensing, counters, and valve clusters; drive or operating-panel attachment. The system offers end-to-end, channel-specific debugging right down to the sensor/actuator. The digital channels are freely programmable, so that the M8 or M12 plug position or the signal terminal, for example, can be used as an input or output (multifunctional).

Benefits of Murrelektronik's Cube67 I/O System

The broad-ranging benefits of Murrelektronik's Cube67 include:

  • Simplified planning.
  • Reduced cost and time of installation.
  • Shorter commissioning.
  • Simplified troubleshooting.
  • Minimised machine downtimes.

Machine Options Management

Murrelektronik’s integrated Machine Options Management virtually configures the fully enhanced version. The system automatically adapts to the actual hardware structure in the real machine, which means that elaborate software adaptation, and administration for each type of machine, are no longer necessary. The variety of software is reduced to one version per machine series.

Modular, compact and rugged

With Cube67 the I/O level is where it's needed – right in the machine, and close to the sensors and actuators – not occupying one large area or being concentrated in the control cabinet. Reduced dimensions ensure compact and space-saving machine design and LEDs are close to each sensor/actuator. It's easily expandable and features the shortest sensor and actuator cabling, reducing cable costs and saving space in the machine or the control cabinet. Plus, switching matrices are no longer needed.

Change only the bus coupler

The machine installation is independent of the controls and the fieldbus, which means that the application can be adapted to the end user's PLC specifications without having to modify the I/O periphery. The benefits of an efficient installation with Cube67 include a standardised installation; flexible response to all end user specifications; single configuration of the machine and documentation; and minimised inventory.

For more information about Distributed I/O Systems, contact Murrelektronik on 0161 728 3133 or visit their PIF profile for more contact options. Alternatively, watch this video on the Cube67 IO system.

Company Profile

Murrelektronik Ltd

Stay connected with Murrelektronik. Murrelektronik is the UK arm of the world leading Murrelektronik GmbH, supplying connection technology to the engineering industry.

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