Engineering & Technology Award Winners under the Spotlight

IET technology and engineering awards

At the tail end of 2013, the annual Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) awards gave out gongs for the most inventive, progressive and radically practical innovations of the year.

PIF was impressed with several of the big winners on the night, sifted out of 400 global applicants. So we’ve decided to put our favourite game changing products - and their parent companies – under the spotlight.

Technology awards

Energy Recovery Inc

The PX Pressure Exchanger

Energy Recovery is the leader in harnessing reusable energy from industrial flTechnology award winner - PX pressure exchangeruid flows and pressure cycles. They scooped two excellence and innovation awards in the categories of ‘Power/Energy’ and ‘Sustainability’ for their market-leading PX energy recovery solution in the desalination and oil & gas industries.

Industrial processes such as desalination, natural gas treatment, power generation, and chemical processing are energy intensive and expensive. Energy Recovery’s PX devices make these high pressure fluid flow processes more sustainable by salvaging and reusing 60% of the energy previously lost, saving energy, money and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Installed and used on seven continents, Energy Recovery technology boasts a 90% market share in the desalination industry. The economic and environmental benefits are clear to see.

Cascade Technologies

Micro Leak Detection System

Engineer award winner - cascade technologies Cascade Technologies have developed a range of integrated on line Leak  Detection systems capable of detecting and rejecting leaking aerosol cans on  production lines up to 500 cans/minute (cpm). They won in the ‘Measurement in  Action’ category for their Aerosol Leak Detection System.

The Cascade’s CT2211 system provides 100% leak testing of the can by sampling  air from around the full height of the can using an air-sampling arch fitted to the  production line. It’s contactless, ensuring zero product damage. They offer four  Leak Detection system variants: Bronze (up to 90 cpm), Silver (up to 140 cpm),  Gold (up to 220 cpm) and Platinum (up to 500 cpm). These options allow  customers to cost-effectively implement an on line Leak Detection system in accordance with their line speed requirements. With a minimal footprint (less than 1metre of free line length) the CT2211 system can be easily installed into new and existing production lines.

Cooltech Applications

Magnetic Refrigeration: The Future’s Green Alternative

technology awards winner - Cooltech Applications  -

Cooltech’s CT Magnetic Refrigeration innovation led to them achieving a win in the “Built Environment” category. Their Magnetic Refrigeration System works with a controlled magnetic field that applies a series of Magnetization-Demagnetization cycles to the magnetocaloric alloys. Each of these cycles creates a difference of temperature in the material, which when repeated, produces the final and stabilized hot and cold temperatures in the refrigerated system.

CFCs were forbidden in 2000 and soon the use of HCFCs in refrigeration systems will be forbidden too, which underlines the importance of Magnetic Refrigeration Systems as a viable alternative. Magnetic refrigeration will allow electricity savings of up to 50% on refrigeration systems, due in part to efficiency but also an optimized temperature directly adjusted to the refrigerated case requirement, and reduced maintenance (due to a simpler system, low rotation speed, no refrigerant gas, low pressure), noise and vibration levels, should result in tangible global savings.

Let us know what your thoughts are on these winners?  Are there any other companies / products who have won a technology award who PIF should take a look at?

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