The Evolution of the Swing Check Valve – Infographic

For all our readers who work within the water and wastewater industries, or for those who are simply interested in how engineering has evolved over time, take a look at this info-graphic on the ‘Evolution of the Swing-Check Valve’!

This funny and quirky infographic shows us the problem of backflow and water surge (or water hammer) over time…and the solutions each generation came up with!

The infographic begins with the Romans, which is one of the first periods where the use of valves in applications was recorded. Then the industrial revolution introduces the most advancements in terms of structural design and materials. After the weight and lever check valve, small but significant innovations were made to deliver the ‘resilient hinge’ check valve. This gave us faster closing times, increased longevity and reduced maintenance due to the design of the valve.

Finally, the info-graphic introduces the most innovative product on the market for reducing water slam or water hammer caused by water surge in water applications – The Surgebuster. With the addition of a disc accelerator, this valve closes faster than 0.3 seconds, it can reduce energy costs by up to 50% and provides full bore flow with minimal headloss.

Which generation are you using? 

Surge Buster

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