LinkedIn tips for businesses!

Your employees know your products, services and company values better than anyone. So why wouldn't you tap into their knowledge and passion by empowering them to reach out to the vast captive audience of business prospects found on LinkedIn?

To help you to coordinate such a collective undertaking, KW Solutions has compiled five surefire steps to get your staff working effectively on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn for businesses

Have a plan of attack

Of course you want to nurture proactive LinkedIn instincts in your employees. But, as with any project, plan your objectives and what success will look like for your company. Vague, woolly instructions could not only lead to negligible results but might in the long run alienate and de-motivate your charges. Having a clear plan of action will help you, and your coworkers, to keep your eye on your common goal and right on-message.

Channel their enthusiasm

You may want to incorporate your LinkedIn strategy into your overarching social media policy. You do have one of those don't you?! Fear not if you haven't, because we can help you to craft the perfect policy in no time. The first step is to spell out your LinkedIn best practices in plain English. Keep it clear and positive; focussing on the do's just as much as the don'ts. Take the time to communicate the finer points to your staff, through tailored training, and re-visit and hone your approach regularly.

Make it easy...and fun!

One of the perennial stumbling blocks to social media creativity is simply knowing where to start. Give your advocates a helping hand by issuing clear and compelling calls to action. Exciting new product in the pipeline? Expansion plans on the horizon? Give your staff the heads up, and provide some example messaging, to start them off. Also, your employees, and subsequently your extended audience, are far more likely to be receptive to a brand campaign that's quirky and engaging than some dry sales forecasts. Worth bearing in mind, whilst treading that line of professionalism that's expected on LinkedIn.

Also, make sure you are using streamlining tools such as Hootsuite so you can schedule and automate your social activities.

Check your Pulse

With the full integration of Pulse and LinkedIn technology, there's never been a better opportunity to share your corporate news and foster meaningful interactions. Content is tailored to a users' professional interests and, with the 'My Lists' functionality to collate categories of personal interest, you can quickly see the potential for working those channels as an authoritative source of industry news. They've also made it easier to like, comment and share articles. So your employees can boost your company's goodwill cache by showing an interest in the posts of relevant contacts and, hopefully, in turn they'll reciprocate and share your precious brand messaging amongst their own networks.

Social media strategy for businesses

Go professional

LinkedIn's all-new Sales Navigator Professional service has some seriously powerful features to turbocharge the sales credentials of your workforce. Sales Navigator can deliver new leads straight to their desktop and inbox. While Lead Builder uses advanced search filters, like 'function' and 'seniority,' to help find the right prospects. Account pages give the latest on relevant companies and TeamLink finds colleagues who can make that all-important first introduction. InMail enables your team to reach prospects directly, even if they don't know their email address. Plus, real-time sales intelligence is delivered straight to your employees and an expanded list of who's viewed their profile over the last 90 days lets them quickly respond to or save leads.

For more tips on un-locking the potential that social media can bring to your business, contact the team at KW Solutions today!

They would be delighted to talk through some of the problems you are experiencing and help you come with solutions that will genuinely be reflected in your bottom line.

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