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Versatile control valve for many applications: cryogenic, shipbuilding, chemical and steam!

A previous article explains the innovative features of the sliding gate control valve and how these features deliver specific application benefits, compared to a standard globe-style valve.

A versatile control valve

This article will focus on how these innovative features make the sliding gate control valve the control valve of choice for a wide range of industry sectors and challenging applications.

High & low temperature or cryogenic applications

Cryogenic sliding gate valve

The extended shaft on the cryogenic version of the sliding gate control valve make the control valve especially suited to high or low temperature applications (as low as -200°C). The sliding gate control valve has successfully been installed in IVF embryo storage applications, to super cooled ceramic ‘super conductors’ to super- heated steam.


Control Valves for Automotive industry

Sliding gate valves have been installed to regulate the compressed air in engine block casting shops. Due to their very precise rangeability and their high precision, the sliding gate control valves ensure the casting parameters remain constant during the casting process.

Specialist building applications

Sliding gate valves have been installed in processes producing mineral wool (i.e. glass or rock wool) to regulate the liquid phenolic resin. In these applications, the compact top-mounted positioner is extremely beneficial as space is often severely restricted.

Control Valves for Shipbuilding industry

Sliding gate control valves are highly suited to the shipbuilding industry due to severe space restrictions this industry has. The valves installed must be control valves with compact construction, have low weight and despite wide rangeability, must be easy to maintain.

Sliding gate control valves have been installed for the control of thermal oil (for heating cicrcuits), for water processing, for the control of potable/cold/hot water and in the generation of steam on-board ships.


Shipbuilding industry

Control Valves for Chemical applications

Sliding gate control valves have proven to be key components in the production of ultra-pure sulphuric acids and chemicals as they can be used with highly alloyed or exotic materials such as PTFE, glass, platinum or gold. Sliding gate control valves compensate precisely on variations up to 100%.

Chemical industry

Control Valves for Glass production

Sliding gate control valves are widely used in applications producing glass whereby the optimal ratio of oxygen and fuel needs to be precisely controlled for each individual burner. The main advantages of installing sliding gate control valves are the fast reaction times due to the short stroke of only 6-9mm. This means small actuation volumes and low actuation forces are required.

Control Valves for Steam applications

Finally, sliding gate control valves are particularly suited for controlling steam, which is required in so many applications it would be tedious to list them all here. The combination of short stroke, compact & light design, low leakage, optimal flow control & reduced energy consumption make the sliding gate control valve an efficient, versatile and cost-effective choice for control in many applications.

Click on the link to read a real-life application story of the sliding gate control valve controlling steam in a brewery application.

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