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The Swing-Flex™ ‘Fit & Forget’ Resilient Hinge Check Valve for the ‘Sewers For Adoption’ 7th Edition

Defra have launched a mandatory sewers adoption program ‘sewers for adoption 7th edition’. Which is the the adoption of private pumping stations from the start of AMP6 by all UK Water Companies. This is introducing thousands of new sites potentially with very different design criteria and problems.

Within this article MGA Controls explains how the Swing-Flex™ ‘Fit & Forget’ Resilient Hinge Check Valve is the perfect solution for the ‘Sewers For Adoption’.

Swingflex resilient hinge check valve

Maintenance & Operational issues associated with existing Pumping Stations

Minimum installation costs were the driving force in the design and build of the private pumping stations across the UK, which are now being adopted under the government scheme “Sewers For Adoption 7th Edition”.

There are major concerns over the on-going maintenance and operational costs of the newly adopted pumping stations. The pumping stations have extremely small footprints, with submersible pumps and vertically-mounted Non-Return Valves.

The Non-Return valves are prone to ragging and clogging. Furthermore, the valves are installed in a confined space, in the vertical position above the high level within a wet-well. The combination of limited access, high maintenance requirements and the hazardous nature of raw sewage leads to major health & safety risks and high operation expenditure (OPEX).

The Solution: The ‘Fit & Forget’ Swing-Flex™ Resilient Hinge Check Valve by Val-Matic

The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ Check Valve, exclusive to MGA Controls, is specifically designed to operate Clog Free in the Vertical with unscreened sewage and has operated successfully for nearly 30 years around the world.

Approved by major UK Water Companies

Approved for use stamp

The Swing-Flex™ has now featured heavily in trials throughout the UK and has been given approval for use in many of the major water companies, including Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, Wessex Water and Severn Trent. This means you can be totally assured of the valve quality, its operational pedigree and its acceptance within the industry.

The Swing-Flex™ is ideal for the ‘Sewers For Adoption’ Scheme

Resilient hinge check valve_diagram

  • Ideal for mounting in a vertical position
  • ‘Virtually’ no maintenance
  • Operates whilst submersed
  • Improved surge protection
  • WIMES 8.09 compliant
  • 25 YEARS Guarantee
  • Clog free with raw sewage
  • Drop tight
  • No separate valve chamber required
  • Silent closure
  • Achieves TOTEX objectives
  • Closes in 0.2 seconds

Have you had experience of ‘Sewers for adoption – 7th edition’? Is your company working with the water companies to support the scheme? Process Industry Forum would like to hear your thoughts.

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