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Emerson’s DeltaV Digital Automation System

DeltaV Digital automation system

DeltaV is Emerson’s Digital Automation system and it is used to improve plant operations by harnessing today's predictive technologies in an easy, intuitive, and interoperable way to connect people, processes, and production within an end user environment.

The DeltaV claims to improve your plant performance, but what is it about the unique features of the DeltaV, which support this claim?

PIF has researched this and has identified below what we feel to be the most unique and beneficial features…

I/O On Demand. The DeltaV claims to provide ‘what you want, when you want, where you want it’. Regardless of I/O requirements, whether that is traditionally-wired I/O, Fieldbus, Profibus or redundant wireless, revolutionary electronic marshaling lets you land field cabling or terminate field wiring anywhere you want, regardless of signal type or adopted control strategy.

What does this mean to you? End-use benefits include more control, less engineering and design work, less fieldwork, reduced maintenance and shut-down costs.

Scalability. The DeltaV architecture scales to fit your operation as it grows. Using technologies such as HART, instrument and plant areas can be integrated as your operation expands. This allows for common component and maintenance requirements across your whole plant. The DeltaV system will replace the isolated, un-integrated systems most plants operate with. The DeltaV fits your operations, rather than your operations fitting the system.

What does this mean to you? End-use benefits include reduced training costs, efficient and economical inventory management and operations, reduced downtime costs.

Embedded Intelligent Control. The DeltaV claims to reduce the need for specialised engineering expertise. The systems predictive intelligence and embedded learning algorithms identify and monitor problems and under-performance and benchmark performance against pre-set standards.

What does this mean to you? End-use benefits include reduced engineering costs, reduced shut-down for maintenance and increased efficiency and through-put.


On top of these cost-saving, inefficiency-eliminating and intelligence benefits, the DeltaV is built for purpose – it is designed specifically for your process control applications.

In conclusion, Emerson appear to have pioneered distributed I/O technology to develop a truly innovative automation system which delivers real added value to plant operations and engineers.

Do any of our readers have any comments on or experience with Emerson’s DeltaV digital automation systems?


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