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Cost-effective temporary buildings that can keep your business agile

With budgets tighter than ever in the engineering and manufacturing world, permanent building extensions aren’t always necessarily a viable option. Here, leading temporary buildings experts Spaciotempo explain how one of their temporary structures can boost your operational floor space without hurting your bottom line.

Temporary buildings

Uncertainty in Europe, China and Greece has cast a shadow over UK business. This so-called ‘rollercoaster of risks’ has forced many British companies to be even more vigilant than ever before with their purse strings.

Costly new permanent buildings or extensions, with all the associated cost and liability that comes with a new construction, have become a distant pipe dream for many. That lack of new infrastructure and capacity can have seriously damaging effects on a business’ growth prospects.

Spaciotempo is bucking these trends with a solution that’s as effective as it is simple: temporary buildings. No, not flyaway marquees, we’re talking beautifully designed, robustly constructed, expandable modular buildings, temporary warehouses and temporary storage structures that make perfect financial and operational sense.

Temporary buildings offer economy of scale

When you hire a temporary building from Spaciotempo your investment gives you economy of scale. In every sense. Because not only does it give you the freedom of added scalability to your facilities, that in turn gives you the capacity to upscale production. It’s a win win situation all round.

Furthermore, we can help you to mitigate the risks associated with a costly expansion. A high quality aluminium-frame temporary building from us can be secured for a far lower up-front investment than a permanent build. You won’t need to worry about foundation costs, legal fees, stamp duty or agent fees.

Because you can stay on site, avoiding any costly relocation worries, you save further. You can forget about the cost of extra personnel, security, plant equipment and double handling. Your business’ destiny is in your own hands.

Temporary buildings that keep your business agile

With the changing tides of business, you want to keep your business agile. Our temporary buildings allow you to upscale or downscale your facilities as and when you need. They can be easily removed, adapted or relocated if your business needs change. Allowing your business to expand and contract as the market demands.

What’s more, our flexible hire contracts – including yearly and pay as you go maintenance contracts – keep your business extra flexible. No longer need your temporary building? No problem. We can have it de-rigged and your contract terminated in no time. Saving you the wasted space and money that you just wouldn’t get back from a permanent build.

The bottom line is Spaciotempo temporary buildings are great for your bottom line! The only question now is…what are you waiting for?!

Speak to us today about your Temporary Building needs on 01889 569 569 or email [email protected].

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Spaciotempo are the leading supplier of temporary buildings, temporary warehouses, temporary storage, loading canopies and retractable tunnels in the UK and Ireland.

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