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Bürkert’s precise, safe and repeatable Pneumatic Dosing Unit

Bürkert's pneumatic dosing system presents the perfect solution for any applications requiring precise, safe and repeatable dosing.

Bürkert's Pneumatic Dosing Unit combines ultra-precision and repeatability of fluid dosing with a flexible, customisable design and wide ranging performance to meet the most flexible requirements.

Uses for Bürkert's patented pneumatic dosing system

Bürkert's patented pneumatic dosing system for fluids can be used in any application that needs dosing of defined sample quantities with maximum repeatable accuracy, such as in vaccines, chemicals in industrial washing machines, flavourings in the beverage industry, pharmaceutical raw materials and dosing tasks in filling machines.

Pneumatic dosing system
The high precision is made possible by the use of pneumatics, as the dosing system is actuated by means of pressure and vacuum that provide substantially more power than conventional actuating systems.

This makes it possible to control the defined dosing quantity with a precision of ±2 %, largely independent of temperature and viscosity. The size of the dosing chamber defines the dosing volume per stroke, which can be between 150 and 750 µl.

Minimal components, maximum possibilities

Featuring a high level of flexibility, and numerous options for adaptation, the system consists of a controller and an exchangeable dosing chamber. This can either be attached to the controller or positioned freely and consists of two media-contacting components, a plastic housing and a separating membrane. High-quality materials, such as PEEK and FKM or FFKM, also make it possible to convey very aggressive media and the chamber is self-priming and easy to flush.

The controller supplies the membrane above the chambers alternately with either pressure or vacuum, which conveys a pre-defined quantity of media through the dosing chamber. Media can be conveyed in both directions, which makes the recovery of expensive media, for example, as well as mixing processes possible.

Due to the separation of the controller and dosing chamber it is easy to replace the chamber and for single-use applications the dosing chambers are made of inexpensive materials. Sterile versions are also available.

The controller of the pneumatic dosing system contains the on/off valves and the electronics. The system requires external compressed air and in the case of unpressurised media, vacuum must also be supplied. The controller is also available with a completely integrated pressure and vacuum supply if required.

Features and benefits

  • Controller with integrated electronics
  • Dosing chambers can be removed from controller
  • Volumes between 150μl and 750μl/stroke
  • High precision < +/-2%
  • Low internal volume, easy flushing
  • Doses almost independent from temperature and viscosity
  • Self priming; doses in both directions
  • Dosing chambers disposable for single use applications
  • Sterilised dosing chambers on request
  • Applications: pharmaceutical liquids, aroma dosage for beverages.

For more information please visit www.burkert.co.uk/en.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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