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Why choose ABO Series 900L butterfly valves from MGA Controls

The ABO Series 900L butterfly valve boasts numerous design benefits that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial applications. PIF spoke to MGA Controls to learn more about the features and benefits offered by ABO Series 900L butterfly valves.

Features of ABO Series 900L butterfly valves

The main feature of the ABO Series 900L butterfly valve is its vulcanised seat. “Because of its vulcanisation, the seat allows the lowering of the opening and closing torque,” says David Wilson, Managing Director at MGA Controls. “As a result, this ensures more efficient operation of the butterfly valve and contributes towards a reduction of any actuation costs,” he adds.

As a double flanged butterfly valve, the ABO Series 900L includes top flange accuracy to ISO 5211 standards. This enables connection with various actuator types, such as electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. The ABO Series 900L butterfly valve also features a blow-out proof system in the shaft design that prevents any up-movement of the shaft by spring in the body neck. The neck itself is also extended, allowing for insulation from piping and easy access for mounting actuators.

Benefits of ABO Series 900L butterfly valves

Often serving as a shut-off and regulating device, the ABO Series 900L butterfly valve features a concentric design and bi-directional sealing. “To achieve this, high strength casting discs are spherically machined and hand polished,” says David.

“This provides the valve with 360-degree concentric seating, bidirectional bubble-tight shut-off, minimum torque and longer seat life. The symmetrical disc profile also enhances the valve’s performance by increasing the Kv/Cv valves, reducing turbulence and increasing pressure recovery.”

However, arguably its most significant benefit is isolation from line media. “One of the most distinguishing features of the ABO Series 900L is that they feature a fully rubber-lined valve interior that completely isolates the line media,” continues David.

“As a result, this eliminates any contact between the chosen media and the body of the butterfly valve. This is because the shaft of the valve is designed as a dry fast provision where the rubber lining is applied as protection against corrosive environments.”

While isolation from line media is a prominent selling point for the ABO Series 900L butterfly valve, David states that its extended life is what offers the most significant benefit. “The vulcanised treatment of this butterfly valve prevents movement and displacement of the seat under pressure. This reduces shrinkage of the rubber during processing, as well as increasing seal surface precision and its sealing property. As a result, the valve is afforded with increased service life.”

For more information about the ABO Series 900L butterfly valve, visit MGA Controls.

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