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Why ATEX solenoid valves are a safe bet

In applications where the whole atmosphere poses a potential risk, the automation of process control systems can prove challenging. Process Industry Forum spoke to Paul Hobden, Bürkert UK ATEX solenoid valve champion, to find out how explosion-proof solenoid valves can help to overcome these challenges.

Process control achieved using innovative design and industry expertise can deliver solutions that offer improved efficiency and productivity. Very often, at the heart of these systems is the humble solenoid valve, which has continuously evolved to tackle even the most difficult environments.

Fully certified installations require expertise

Designing process control systems that meet DSEAR, ATEX and other similar standards require considerable levels of expertise and competence to deliver a suitably compliant process that meets the demands of the application.

When it comes to creating a new, fully certified installation, it is important to select partners that understand process control design with the ability to deliver bespoke solutions using the latest technology that is certified to the standards in force locally.

This allows design features such as vibration-proof, bolted coil systems, and increased leak-tightness to be included in a potential system. Just because the application requires a component that is certified for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres, it shouldn’t mean that the choice of control valves is reduced.

ATEX approved solenoid valves

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases, with over 25 years’ experience in delivering solutions for hazardous areas in a wide range of industries and applications. As part of its development of ATEX and IEC-Ex certified versions of its industry-leading components and systems, it has established a centre of competence in Menden, Germany.

Bürkert not only designs a comprehensive range of solenoid valves to cover both standard and specialist applications, but it also manufactures every component. This includes the machining of the valve body, the injection moulding of the coil body and the manufacture of the coil itself. In this way, Bürkert has control over every aspect of the valve and so can guarantee its performance.

Why ATEX solenoid valves from Bürkert are a safe bet

Bespoke ATEX solenoid valve solutions

The testing of individual components and complete valves is a continuous process, partly to ensure continued compliance with a wide range of certifications, but also to ensure that the high-quality standards are being maintained. In this way, the customer can be sure of reliable operation, especially in tough operating conditions.

In situations where an existing component will not satisfy the demands of an application, it is possible to work with development engineers to create a bespoke solution that can also be tested and certified in-house. Having this facility within the company also reduces lead times and helps to deliver projects on time.

For more information about their range of ATEX approved solenoid valves, please contact Bürkert today.

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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