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The use of sensors for hygienic and washdown environments within the Pharmaceutical market

Baumer are industry leaders in the manufacture of exceptional sensors and switches that suit a wide variety of applications. Here at PIF, we spoke to their team of experts to learn more about their full range of sensors for hygienic applications including their specialist range of photoelectric sensors and proximity switches. Read on to find out more about this innovative range of sensors and how they are suited to hygienic applications.

Robust stainless steel housings for safety in the pharmaceutical sector

Baumer has a proud reputation for the delivery of products and solutions to industry that exceeds expectations. Their O300 and O500 sensor ranges are perfectly suited to hygienic applications due to their robust stainless steel housings that deliver greater levels of safety and comfort in the hygienic and washdown sector.

The O300 and O500 sensors for hygienic applications are designed to deliver maximum reliability and comfort with minimum operating costs. This range of sensors comes in conjunction with the proTect+ impermeability concept that enables a long service life and IO-Link. This is what makes the O300 and O500 sensors range ideal for critical environments within the food and beverage production industry or the pharmaceutical industry.

Ecolab-certified sensors from Baumer

The O300 and O500 sensor range are Ecolab-certified with washdown design and protection class of IP69K to stand up to even aggressive cleaning agents and high-pressure cleaners. Thanks to the Baumer proTect+ impermeability concept, all sensors that are manufactured for a washroom setting such as within a pharmaceutical application are designed to offer outstanding resistance and long service life.

Baumer has created something truly innovative with the launch of the new O300 and O500 sensor range, which are available as diffuse sensors with background suppression, retro-reflective sensors or with SmartReflect. The SmartReflect system was the first light barrier on the market available to operate completely without a separate reflector or receiver. The new SmartReflect variant has made the detection of transparent objects of any form or structure even easier and more reliable, even over distances of up to 1-meter.

Integrated IO-Link Interface

The integrated IO-Link interface allows easily automated parameterisation of the sensors. This enables fast and flexible format changes. This interface also supplies qualified process and diagnostic data to deliver optimised maintenance processes and improvement in process quality.

Baumer states that this means that all sensors for hygienic applications are naturally “ready for Industry 4.0”.

Baumer inductive sensors for cleanroom environments

The Baumer sensor range for hygienic applications delivers exceptional and accurate results. Their inductive sensors are designed for hygienic applications and are certified and safe to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Baumer has designed their inductive sensor range with a stainless steel housing that is EHEDG certified, with an IP69K long-term seal featuring proTect+ technology to ensure that the entire inductive sensor range is suitable for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Robust inductive sensors by Baumer

The inductive sensor range can stand-up to corrosive environments due to their high-quality V4A stainless steel housing that is proven to have high chemical and oil resistance. This inductive sensor range has been Ecolab tested to ensure they can withstand the chemical corrosion that occurs during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

These inductive sensors are also designed with heat-resistance in mind. Baumer states that this range is renowned for its heat resistance and impervious nature to strong temperature fluctuations. As a result of this, they suit a wide range of application temperatures from -40 °C to 80 °C whilst manufacturing pharmaceutical products, whilst also being able to withstand high cleaning temperatures of up to 100 °C in washroom applications.

This range of inductive sensors are perfectly suited to the “processing, storage, packaging, filling and quality control of food and pharmaceutical products”.

Sensors for pharmaceutical and washroom applications

All of these benefits make the Baumer sensor range perfectly suited to all forms of pharmaceutical and washroom applications. Find out more about the incredible range of Baumer sensors that are suitable for pharmaceutical and washroom applications by speaking to the team of experts at Baumer. Call today on +44 (0) 1793 783 839 or email [email protected].

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The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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