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The definitive guide to buying a used air compressor for your manufacturing business

If your manufacturing business has budgetary constraints for addressing compressed air requirements, you might want to consider purchasing a used air compressor as opposed to buying a new one. In this article, PIF spoke with leading North West compressor suppliers, Glaston Compressor Services, for expert advice about what precautions and checks UK manufacturers should take before opting for a used compressed air system.

What you need to know about buying a used air compressor

“Buying used air compressors can be quite daunting, spending large amounts of money on something that you are not sure about can be a huge financial risk”, explains Michael Douglas from Glaston Compressor Services. “The price may be considerably cheaper than the current brand new model, but it might end up costing more with repairs, fitting parts and other maintenance issues. Before you decide to spend money on a new compressor which might have a lower spec, you might want to rethink your approach. A used air compressor can potentially save your business thousands and work just as efficiently as a new compressor, providing it ticks all the right boxes”.

With this in mind, Glaston has shared an exclusive checklist for manufacturing businesses looking to buy used air compressors. Follow these steps to help make an informed decision:

Glaston’s checklist for buying used compressors

  • Check all parts of the used compressor are clean and operational
  • Check the used compressor for any missing parts
  • Check the used compressor for any build-up of sludge
  • Check whether the used compressor sounds ok or overheats whilst running
  • Check what energy the used compressor is pulling. This can be achieved by using a power meter. If it is high this might indicate an underlying issue
  • Check whether the used compressor is damaged. In some cases it still might be worth purchasing, providing damages are minor and won’t cost too much to repair
  • Check whether the used compressor is still in warranty. If so, this will make any future repairs, maintenance or servicing much easier.

New compressors v used compressors

If your factory needs a compressed air system, you will likely have a budget already defined for its installation. This will play a big part in your decision-making process. Used air compressors will both save your business money and make your budget stretch further. However, a new air compressor will come with a warranty and added peace of mind from knowing your system is brand new. Whether you decide to buy a new compressor or a used compressor, the decision is ultimately one you will need to make yourself.

“Should you decide to opt for a used air compressor, it’s a good idea to mitigate the risks and purchase an approved used compressed air system from a reputable reseller”, adds Michael. “By investing in a used air compressor from a trusted supplier such as Glaston, you will be able to reap the financial benefits whilst benefiting from additional assurance knowing your chosen system will be installed and maintained by an experienced team of compressor engineers”.

Used air compressors from Glaston

Glaston Compressor Services has been the go-to reseller for used air compressors in the North West of England for over 40 years. Glaston’s team of compressor engineers have countless years of experience and offer manufacturing clients trusted advice on which used compressed air system best suits their businesses requirements. As an authorised UK distributor for HPC KAESER, they also have an extensive range of second-hand yellow box compressors, serviced and maintained by Glaston. To find out more about used air compressors from Glaston, visit their website.

Company Profile

Glaston Compressor Services

Glaston Compressor Services is a supplier of high performance, energy efficient products including air compressors, nitrogen generators and compressed air filters.

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