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The benefits of stainless steel pneumatics

In this article, PIF spoke to API Pneumatic UK about how their range of stainless steel pneumatics can provide hygienic industries with a seamless solution. As one of the few manufacturers of stainless steel pneumatics in the UK, API understands the benefits better than anyone, such as the value of investing in pneumatic products for the long-term.

The highest hygiene standards

A vital requirement of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries is hygiene. API’s 316 stainless steel pneumatics conform to FDA 21 CFR 178, making them FDA compliant and therefore safe to use in these specific industries, as well as for SIP/CIP and steam cleaning processes.

316 stainless steel pneumatics from API

All stainless steel pneumatic equipment manufactured by API is designed from the highest grade 316 stainless steel. This ensures that all of their pneumatic equipment exhibits exemplary standards of hygiene and durability. As a manufacturer of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders, valves and modular airline equipment, API pride themselves on the top quality design of their products and their reliable performance.

Fight against corrosion

One of the main benefits of stainless steel pneumatic components, more specifically 316 stainless steel pneumatics, is their extremely high levels of corrosion resistance. This is a vital requirement for many aggressive industries, where the product will come into contact with an array of chemicals and extreme environments. Stainless steel pneumatics excel in extreme environments. They are an investment that give you the assurance of many years’ worth of reliable operation.

API’s range of stainless steel pneumatics

API’s stainless steel pneumatic products aren’t limited to cylinders. They have a wide array of stainless steel valves, including control valves, ancillary valves and spool valves. Why not have a fully corrosion resistant solution? Extend the life of your cylinder by pairing it with stainless steel valves and mountings. API aims to give you the most cost-effective, hygienic, reliable and corrosion resistant solution possible for your application.

Contact API Pneumatic UK

For more information on the benefits of choosing stainless steel pneumatic equipment, speak to API today. Their technical team is more than happy to assist with any queries you may have about their stainless steel pneumatic products, specifically for industries that require the highest levels of hygiene.

Company Profile

API Pneumatic UK

API Pneumatic UK is a manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic cylinders, valves, airline equipment and bespoke control panels.

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