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Spaciotempo’s new curved roof warehouse solution

With an increasing amount of business owners in need of temporary warehouse space, at a time when budgets for permanent builds are being squeezed, Spaciotempo has developed a spacious and cost-effective new solution curved roof warehouse solution: the Oxygen building.

Curved roof metal buildings

The Oxygen building is the latest innovative product from Spaciotempo and is characterised by its stylish curved roof architecture. Oxygen has been built to Spaciotempo’s famously high standards of innovation. They listened to their customers’ needs and responded with a stunningly effective solution. Already, the Oxygen building has come in for praise, most recently from impressed visitors to the IMHX exhibition, where the new design made its debut appearance.

Curved Roof Warehouse Solutions

The curved roof construction of the Oxygen building is suitable for a broad range of market sectors, especially those in urgent need of additional clearance in their warehouse, within a space that is as beautifully aesthetic as it is functional. As ever, Spaciotempo can offer a raft of optional extras to further enhance your warehousing and storage capabilities, including LED lighting, racking and roller shutter doors, to name but a few.

Curved roof warehouse solutions

The Oxygen building is perfect for warehouse applications. This is because it is based on Spaciotempo’s trusty Neivalu aluminium frame, which can withstand harsh environments and extreme outdoor weather conditions. The addition of a curved gable profile merely improves on a tried and tested design, offering extra height and flexibility, providing a perfect storage facility that is guaranteed to protect your goods.

Recently, figures from property experts Savills illustrated a huge shortage of warehouse space throughout the UK and, due to that high demand, rental prices are set to increase. The Oxygen building provides a cost-effective and immediate solution for your logistical, warehousing and storage requirements. Wherever you are in the UK and Ireland, Spaciotempo can deliver Oxygen to you – allowing you the extra breathing space to scale up your operations!

Why Spaciotempo?

Spaciotempo is the only temporary building supplier that also manufactures their own structures. Their ability to provide innovative, bespoke temporary solutions to a wide range of industry sectors makes them a cost-effective alternative to permanent building constructions. Spaciotempo’s Oxygen building has been widely anticipated and, with its round roof construction, there is no other temporary building quite like it.

Spaciotempo’s high quality buildings, combined with the knowledge and expertise of their team, provide an immediate and all-round temporary solution for any warehousing and storage requirements. If you would like to know more about how the Oxygen building can be a breath of fresh air for your business, call Spaciotempo’s experts today on 01889 569 569.

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Spaciotempo are the leading supplier of temporary buildings, temporary warehouses, temporary storage, loading canopies and retractable tunnels in the UK and Ireland.

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