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Sensor solutions for targeted cleaning in hygiene-sensitive areas

Cleaning processes are vital in almost all forms of industrial applications. This is why the range of Clean in Place sensor solutions are perfectly suited to working in targeted cleaning processes across various industrial applications. Read on to find out more about the optimal cleaning solutions that are delivered by the Clean in Place sensor solutions from Baumer.

Why is maintaining an optimal cleaning solution important?

Hygiene and cleaning is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle not just for us as human beings, but also for industrial processes. It works as an important part of the production, particularly due to the high level of foot traffic you may see within individual application settings. However, it is important to consider that industrial Clean in Place activities can be a difficult task to tackle from time to time. Despite this, it is important to continue the cleaning process. The Baumer range of sensors delivers optimal cleaning solutions for impressive results. The main reasons for maintaining Clean in Place processes are:

  • To maintain safety and the prevention of infections,
  • Improve the efficiency of machines and equipment by maintaining cleanliness and maintenance programmes,
  • Improve overall performance and productivity with a clean environment that makes work easier to complete,
  • Improve the overall image and reputation of your business.

The Baumer range of Clean in Place sensors is the perfect cleaning sensor solutions for the food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, due to the requirement for targeted cleaning solutions in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Why are the Baumer Clean in Place sensors the best?

Here at PIF, we spoke to the team at Baumer to discuss their range of sensors and why these are the best Clean in Place cleaning sensor solution for your application. Baumer touts the main benefit of the CIP sensor range to be the ability to increase productivity through efficient resources and material utilisation.

The Clean in Place sensor range ensures food safety through precise cleaning process control and process safety with sensors, whilst the easy sensor configuration ensures easy set up with ready to fit process adapters and design variants.

What applications can benefit from a Baumer CIP sensor?

Here at PIF, we advocate the Baumer Clean in Place sensor range as this allows for accurate and targeted cleaning processes within a variety of applications. Clean in Place sensor solutions can generate optimal cleaning solutions by highlighting the optimal time to clean within hygiene-sensitive areas. Baumer recommends their Clean in Place sensor range for the following applications:

  • Concentrate dosing of chemicals by concentration measurement - The CombiLyz conductivity transmitter measures the specified concentration to ensure food safety and savings of cleaning agent usage with precise measurement.
  • Cleanliness measurement of rinsing water - The CombiLyz cleaning sensor precisely measures the residual concentration of chemicals in the rinsing water. This works to ensure the water is clean to deliver complete food safety.
  • Phase separation of detergents & water - To reduce detergent wastage and to deliver optimal cleaning solutions, the CombiLyz conductivity transmitter measures different media with its fast temperature compensation, even at high-temperature variance.
  • Tank temperature monitoring - To ensure optimal cleaning processes, the temperature of the detergent must be precisely monitored to realise the constant quality of the cleaning process and food safety.
  • Level point detection - This cleaning sensor solution works to detect the maximum and minimum tank levels within a food and beverage or pharmaceutical application. The CleverLevel can be used in all harsh environments and media.
  • Dry run protection - The Baumer CleverLevel switch protects a pump from running dry during the filling and emptying of a tank or pipe. Whilst conventional sensors have difficulty detecting these conditions, This range of Baumer cleaning sensors does not have this difficulty.
  • Continuous level measurement - To measure continuous levels of liquids in the tank, the Baumer cleaning sensor range delivers continuous level measurement by hydrostatic pressure measurement.

Why are Clean in Place sensors ideal for targeted cleaning?

A Clean in Place sensor solution is used to clean a wide range of plants and plant machinery. Put simply, Clean in Place refers to the use of a mix of chemicals, heat and water that cleans machinery in food and beverage or pharmaceutical applications, vessels or pipework without the need to dismantle the plant.

Using a Clean in Place sensor system, this allows for the development of highly targeted cleaning solutions within hygiene-sensitive areas. The CombiLyz conductivity transmitter system works to secure highly targeted cleaning processes, such as phase separation processes for highly targeted cleaning processes to deliver optimal cleaning solutions. If you’re looking for a highly-targeted cleaning sensor solution for optimal cleaning solutions, look no further than the Baumer CombiLyz compact conductivity sensor range.

Sensors within an industrial application can pinpoint the exact location of the required cleaning process whilst removing the potential for human error. Sensors are also able to pinpoint and stick to an exact cleaning schedule and timescale without the potential for human interaction.

Speak to Baumer UK to find out more about sensor solutions for targeted cleaning processes

If you’re interested in finding out more about optimal cleaning solutions with Clean in Place sensors from Baumer, speak to their team of sensor experts by calling +44 (0)1793 783 839 or emailing [email protected].

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