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Save resources with the Baumer CombiLyz conductivity sensor range

The CombiLyz range of conductivity sensors from Baumer deliver precise analysis and exact differentiation of fluid media, whilst also saving financial and physical resources. With a hygienic and durable one-piece design, and a large touch screen to display process variables; the CombiLyz conductivity sensor is perfectly suited to handling process media in food and beverage, or pharmaceutical industries.

Why choose a Baumer CombiLyz conductivity sensor?

With its fast and easy sensor configuration method, Baumer’s CombiLyz conductivity sensor enables safe process monitoring. The fast and easy sensor configuration enables easy and straightforward changes to formats and parameter profiles with automated parameterisation whilst running within a production application. This fast and easy commissioning is enabled by an IO-Link Master.

The low resource consumption delivers quick and reliable detection of different media even at severe temperature fluctuations, with outstandingly short reaction time and excellent temperature compensation.

Save water, cleaning agents and costs with CombiLyz

The Baumer conductivity transmitters are designed for media separation and analysis in applications in the food and beverage industry and water treatment. They provide outstanding benefits in terms of accuracy and display options.

The sensor works to save water, cleaning agents and costs through the Clean in Place (CIP) process through an intricate choreography of steps in which different liquids alternatively flow through pipes and tanks. As the media used to manufacture products, and then later clean devices, costs money and burdens the environment, it is important to use these resources as sparingly as possible, and recycle them where applicable.

Baumer has two flagship CombiLyz sensors, including the Compact conductivity sensor with display CombiLyz AF14 conductivity sensor. This model is an all-in-one conductivity sensor, with all wetted parts manufactured in PEEK to create a compact, food-safe and hygienic design that is fully FDA-compliant and satisfies a number of sanitary standards.

The second model of CombiLyz sensor available from Baumer is the CombiLyz AF15 conductivity sensor with separate evaluation electronics. This conductivity sensor range is ideal for cramped spaces and strong vibrations, whilst also being manufactured in a compact, food-safe and hygienic design.

What applications are the Baumer CombiLyz conductivity sensors for?

Baumer CombiLyz conductivity sensors deliver full food safety with maximum overall equipment effectiveness in Clean in Place (CIP) sensor applications. The CombiLyz conductivity sensor reduces CIP operation costs to efficiently allocate resources and materials, whilst also increasing productivity.

These sensors work to control concentrate dosing of acid or caustic substances to ensure food safety and savings of cleaning agent usage. The precise phase separation due to fast temperature compensation implemented by the CombiLyz sensors reduces the overall waste of chemicals, and in turn, this reduces costs.

”Save up to 100,000 litres of water per year”

The CombiLyz conductivity sensor is indispensable in the phase separation of food materials, water and cleaning agents by measuring the electric conductivity of the medium.

"Calculations have shown that food-processing plants using the CombiLyz conductivity sensor during the clean-in-place process have a substantial cost reduction for water and cleaning agents," emphasizes Stefan Blust, Food & Beverage sector manager at Baumer.

The potential for savings is demonstrated by Granarolo, Italy’s largest dairy processing operation. At its plant in Bologna, tanks, pipelines, and thermal treatment systems are cleaned up to 30 times per day. "Thanks to the quick temperature compensation of the CombiLyz, we can save more than 100,000 litres of water per year at every measuring point," explains Bruno Landuzzi, the responsible manager for maintenance and pasteurization at Granarolo. Estimate how much you can save with the Baumer savings calculator.

Save resources with Baumer

For manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, it is vital to clean the system several times a day. During the phase separation of the Clean in Place process, every second counts towards ensuring that you save valuable resources. The CombiLyz conductivity sensor allows precise analysis of fluid media to effectively save resources.

Baumer promote their CombiLyz conductivity sensor range as a great way to save resources by delivering the following benefits:

  • Reduction of chemical waste due to the precise phase separation and fast temperature compensation,
  • Due to the robust sensor tip, IP 67 and IP69K housing and high-temperature resistance, the CombiLyz sensor delivers a long life cycle,
  • The touch screen and PC based user interface ensures easy and straightforward setup and parameterisation via IO-Link Master,
  • Transmit digital data without loss, and ensure the simultaneous output of conductivity and concentration values with CombiLyz conductivity sensors,
  • The big 360-degree rotatable screen is easy to read and understand.

Work out how much you can save by implementing a Baumer CombiLyz conductivity sensor into your process using the Baumer savings calculator.

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