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Comprehensive process safety with inductive IO-Link sensors

Leave nothing to chance with inductive IO-Link sensors that provide comprehensive diagnostic data for the greatest process safety. In this article, Process Industry Forum spoke to Baumer UK Managing Director, Jon Sumner, to discuss their range of IO-Link sensors, and their applications.

The most comprehensive diagnostic data on the market

Baumer UK are delighted to have introduced a fully digitised inductive IO-Link sensor; delivering the most comprehensive diagnostic data on the market. Managing Director, Jon Sumner explains, “in addition to sensor temperature, operating voltage, and operating time, the IO-Link range of sensors also collect the number of boot cycles, the switching frequency and distances”.

This data can be easily retrieved via the IO-Link sensors interface as and when required, to be directly digitally processed to monitor and control manufacturing, and process applications. The range which includes IO-Link pressure sensors, are equipped with a memory function to store data, whilst the histogram function allows the evaluation of frequency distribution of process and diagnostic data throughout a specified period of time.

The data collected by the Baumer range of IO-Link sensors enables operators to collect and monitor data to inform predictive maintenance. Their IO-Link sensor range enables the collection of diagnostic and process data to enable targeted improvement of system effectiveness and the overall optimisation of manufacturing and application processes.

AlphaProx - Inductive distance sensors for accurate and precise data

The inductive distance sensor AlphaProx range provides highly-precise, micrometer-accurate digital distance information.

With a cycle time of 0.6ms and a switching frequency of 1.25 kHz, the inductive sensors of Baumer are the fastest on the market. This sensor range delivers comprehensive diagnostic data to draw future-orientated conclusions, and prevent machine downtimes that are not efficiently planned. As the data can be easily shared via IO-Link, operators can spot and respond to issues instantly, enabling comprehensive process safety.

When undesired machine conditions are highlighted, the unique histogram function for logging data makes it easier to understand errors. Machine operators can retrieve the data via the user-friendly IO-Link interface. Baumer UK offers inductive IO-Link sensors in most sizes ranging from 6.5mm to M30 with a range of up to 18mm with flush mounting.

Fully digital inductive IO-Link sensors from Baumer

Baumer’s IO-Link sensors, and IO-Link pressure sensor, range delivers outstanding measurement accuracy, with more data and functionality for maximum manufacturing and plant effectiveness and offers the following benefits;

  • Increased process reliability with comprehensive process and diagnostic data
  • Simple and fast plug & play sensor replacement with a find-me function for easy sensor identification
  • Continuous monitoring of data thanks to the histograms of process, temperature and voltage values via the IO-Link
  • Application-specific, flexible parameter adjustment of the sensor with versatile parameterisation options
  • Simplified planning and commissioning due to the individual IO-Link parameterisation and teach functions
  • Smaller number of variants due to extended functionalities; meaning these sensors can be used for various applications

IO-Link Sensors and devices from Baumer UK

Baumer UK can supply a range of inductive distance sensors with IO-Link AlphaProx; designed to measure large ranges up to 10mm with distance values accurate to the micrometer. It delivers frequency measurement and counter function, with versatile parameterisation and freely configurable switching output. This inductive distance sensor range with comprehensive diagnostic data can also be easily integrated with the USB IO-Link Master.

Spot and respond to issues within a manufacturing, or plant environment with IO-Link process sensors from Baumer, eradicating the complications of plant downtime for breakdowns or unscheduled maintenance. Contact the experts at Baumer to find out more about their range of IO-Link process sensors by calling +44(0) 1793 783 839 or email [email protected].

Company Profile

Find out how Baumer IO-Link solutions are driving OEE efficiencies

The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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