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Performance redefined with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors

Precise image capture, throughput, and stable image evaluation are just some of the challenges faced within demanding inspection projects.

In this article, PIF learns how sensor and measurement device specialists, Baumer UK are using 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors to provide a camera that can better support laser welding and motion analysis applications and improve their performance.

Greater sensitivity, improved image quality, and faster frame rates

With demands for greater sensibility, improved image quality and framesets of more than 1,500 frames per second (FPS), Baumer UK are planning to launch six new LXT cameras with resolutions from 0.5 to 7.1 megapixel. These cameras will feature 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors with 10 GigE and with an SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Ratio) of 44dB and are capable of delivering stable image evaluation, even under difficult recording conditions.

Applications with very light intensity, such as laser welding, sports, and motion analysis where fluctuating illumination conditions occur stand to benefit from the range and thanks to frames of up to 1,500 FPS, even extremely fast applications can be reliably captured, analysed, and controlled.

Dual Conversion Gain allows for flexible settings

One feature that will also be introduced as part of the Baumer LXT camera range is dual conversion gain. This will offer gained flexibility in regards to the sensor, enabling high settings for applications with low light intensity or short exposure times and the ability to optimise images under low settings in respect to the SNR and dynamic range with higher light intensity.

In addition to this, the LXT camera features an integrated HDR function that can calculate the images with a dynamic range of 82dV. This facilitates image evaluation in light and dark areas without creating CPU loads on the PC that is managing the application.

Perfect for demanding inspection tasks

To summarise, the new 10 GigE models of the LXT camera range are the perfect choice for demanding inspection tasks placing strict requirements on both precise image capture and throughput.

Its robust industrial design can withstand mechanical stress and ensure reliable long-term stable image processing. They can also deliver direct control of illumination without the need for an external controller, thanks to the four opto-decoupled power outputs that the range comes equipped with. The range also supports precise time synchronisation in Ethernet networks as it is equipped with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in accordance with IEEE 1588 standards.

Baumer UK has the expertise to deliver incredible performance with the LX camera range thanks to the built-in 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors.

Company Profile

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The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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