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Murrelektronik MVK Fusion offers unique single fieldbus module solution

The new MVK Fusion fieldbus module from Murrelektronik offers a safer, simpler and more streamlined approach to industrial automation. By integrating basic installation functions, Murrelektronik has developed a single module solution that is not only cost-effective but also uniquely positioned to enable complex configurations. Process Industry Forum explores the merits of this ground-breaking new technology.

New Murrelektronik MVK Fusion fieldbus module

Murrelektronik's new MVK Fusion fieldbus module standardises ancillary machines, paving the way for a one-module strategy. This soon-to-be-released PROFINET/PROFIsafe module unites three basic installation functions: standard digital sensors and actuators, safety digital sensors and actuators, and IO-Link. This innovative approach enables ground-breaking automation concepts and makes installation simpler and faster.

Software developers and electrical engineers can forget wasting countless hours examining other manufacturers' tools and manuals, because MVK Fusion allows complex configurations to be intuitively set up through the engineering tool in the safety controller. With fewer fieldbus modules needed per unit, the Murrelektronik MVK Fusion also presents new opportunities for countless automation applications.

MVK Fusion offers unrivalled variety

The sheer amount of variety offered by the MVK Fusion fieldbus module makes this fieldbus a unique proposition. By combining those aforementioned three basic functions – standard digital sensors and actuators, safety digital sensors and actuators, and IO-Link – MVK Fusion can simplify your installations by drastically reducing the number of modules you require.

Two fully customisable standard digital ports can be configured as inputs or outputs, while four safety ports cover virtually every digital safety requirement of your installation. A further two highly functional IO-Links enable you to integrate smart devices into your fieldbus system or cost-effectively expand your system via IO-Link hubs, if required.

A safe and flexible new fieldbus module

With three safety, dual-channel input ports, one safety output port that can be two dual channel safety outputs, and one Class B IO-Link port with safe shutdown, Murrelektronik’s MVK Fusion combines all your safety considerations in one convenient fieldbus module. The safety advantages for personnel and plant machinery alike are clear to see.

Safety sensor signals are transmitted over the three dual-channel safe input ports, which means that emergency stop buttons, light curtains, two-handed units and safety doors can all be qualified up to Performance Level e. Furthermore, the safety output port features two safe outputs, making it possible to integrate a variety of actuator types. Plus, a special Class B IO-Link port enables IO-Link devices to be quickly and safely switched off.

MVK Fusion delivers reliable performance

Configuring safety sensors and actuators has never been easier with the Murrelektronik MVK Fusion. It can all be done with a click of a mouse, thanks to the user-friendly safety control system engineering tool. This entire process requires no prior knowledge of the module, nor any extra manufacturer-specific software or CRC calculations. The upshot is a much quicker process with no incorrect data input.

The Murrelektronik MVK Fusion fieldbus module is ideal for high power applications that demand maximum reliability at all times. Fully compatible with PROFINET solutions the MVK Fusion is suitable for Conformance Class C (IRT), Shared Device and Netload Class III applications.

For more information, visit Murrelektronik today.

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