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Murrelektronik makes linking IO devices easier

The non-negotiable criteria that everyone is looking for nowadays in terms of fieldbus communication are: fast integration, short commissioning times and maximum flexibility. All three are made possible thanks to Murrelektronik’s new IODD (IO Device Description) solution, which makes integrating IO devices easier than ever, as PIF reports.

Integrated fieldbus communication

How do you make fieldbus communication even easier? Well, Murrelektonik’s innovative new solution is 'IODD on Board'; an advanced technology pioneered exclusively by the connection experts. The sensor and actuator data stored in the IODD (IO Device Description) are directly incorporated into the GSDML files of the Murrelektronik Impact67 and MVK Metal fieldbus modules.

Fieldbus Communication
If devices (e.g. IO-Link sensors or valve terminals) are connected, you can access this data directly and very conveniently via your PLC software tools, with no need for manual parameter setting or special tools.

This, of course, greatly simplifies matters, as to date every new IO-Link device had to be integrated into the software individually, which was an exceptionally time-consuming process. In fact, it could become very tedious, as the same steps had to be completed for each new device.

Copy and paste fieldbus module configurations

Murrelektronik’s IODD solution makes these manual inputting tasks a thing of the past. Now, once created, configurations can be duplicated over copy and paste; a major benefit for manufacturers of series machinery in particular.

Jörg Krautter, Vice President of Automation at Murrelektronik, said: "Series machinery manufacturers benefit because once they've created configurations, they can copy and paste them any amount of times to other systems and machine controls."

The new freely configurable fieldbus modules also offer great advantages for non-standard machinery as well. The Murrelektronik auto-configuration mode makes speedy commissioning a reality. Setting parameters for digital inputs/outputs is eliminated; the channels act according to the control system commands.

An IO-Link device that sets individual values

However, if the emphasis is on maximum flexibility, opt for expert mode. Values can be freely set individually with the help of Murrelektronik’s IO-Link device tool. One of the tool benefits is that individual values are not only displayed in hexadecimal form, but are also converted into the format of your choice for easy capture.

Murrelektronik Head of R&D, Bernd Waser, added: "Expert mode allows maximum scope for flexibility. We can freely set every single value over our IO-Link device tool."

For more information, please visit www.murrelektronik.uk. To speak to a Murrelektronik adviser today, call +44 (0)161 72831-33 or email [email protected].

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