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The inventor of the Screw Centrifugal Impeller for wastewater applications

Hidrostal are experts in pump and pumping systems. They have kept their focus over their 50 years of operation on the Screw Centrifugal Impeller. Hidrostal is the inventor of the screw centrifugal impeller and is totally dedicated to its development and improvement. Hidrostal’s continuous research and development programme has allowed them to develop a family of pumps being developed with variations of the screw centrifugal impeller to solve specific pumping problems.

Screw centrifugal impeller

Key features of Screw Centrifugal Impeller:

  • Energy savings of up to 50% compared with conventional centrifugal pumps.
  • Non-clog impeller suitable for pumping high consistency media and large diameter solids beyond the capacity of centrifugal and recessed impeller pumps.
  • Easy adjustment of impeller clearance permits continuity of original high-efficiency performance.
  • Optional renewable liner to reduce maintenance costs when pumping abrasive media.

The PIF team had the opportunity to interview pump expert Andy Wilson who demonstrated the Screw Centrifugal Impeller and gave his thoughts about the theme of the show ‘fit for purpose pumping’.

Watch: Hidrostal’s Screw Centrifugal Impeller

Andy’s thoughts on ‘fit for purpose pumping’?

The answers are already available - A lot of what we have done in the past is relevant today. The most important changes to be made are to the pumping systems. In Wastewater pumping, the most important factor to consider is maintenance. Although ‘energy’ is being talked about a lot, an application won’t see many benefits unless the pumping system is designed to be low maintenance.

Company Profile


Hidrostal Ltd is the 100% Swiss owned subsidiary of the family run global business Hidrostal AG Switzerland, the inventors of the screw centrifugal pump in 1957. Since then we have been solely dedicated to its continual development and improvement.

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