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Introducing the Eco-Rail-2

The Eco-Rail-2 is the epitome of Murrelektronik's basic power supply technology, delivering the dual benefits of practical functionality and cost-effective power supply. PIF spoke to Murrelektronik to find out more about this flexible power system and the five variants available. For a system that encompasses all the essential elements of power supply, the Eco-Rail-2 is the perfect solution.

An Eco-Rail-2 power supply unit for every application

The Eco-Rail-2 is the new and improved replacement of the original Eco-Rail. Available in five variants, there is definitely a unit for every application. Each unit has a different current rating, ranging from 1.3 to 20A. They surpass the basic requirements of classic power supply systems, easily monitoring all parameters within the control cabinet.

Not only can you choose a unit based on your current demands, the output voltage is also flexible. For all devices, you can adjust your output voltage in the range of 23V and 28V to meet the required power for your application. If you require a higher output voltage, this can be achieved by connecting two Eco-Rail-2 systems together for a maximum output voltage of 48V.

Murrelektronik doesn’t limit the output voltage by making it dependant on the length of the power supply line either. Output voltage can be adjusted regardless of the length.

Advantages of Murrelektronik basic power supply

The Eco-Rail-2 is a Murrelektronik basic power supply unit that provides reliable operation and functionality for your application. Not only are there five variants available, but it is also extremely cost effective due to the exceptional price-performance ratio.

Another advantage of the Eco-Rail-2 is that it is designed to make everything simple; down to the design, easy installation and mounting. The cable connections are located on the front of the unit and, to install it, you simply mount it on the DIN rail without any tools.

Each feature on this device is manufactured with practicality and basic functionality in mind. Its UL certification means it can be used worldwide and its temperature range of 0 to 55°C widens the possible applications. The Eco-Rail-2 power supply unit is also protected from short-circuiting and overloading.


Eco-Rail-2 from Murrelektronik

A major feature of the Eco-Rail-2 power supply unit is the mains failure bridging time, which is up to 130 milliseconds. This is a vital aspect that bridges the voltage drops at the input side. For a practical, economical, flexible, basic power supply unit, choose the Eco-Rail-2.

For more information about the Eco-Rail-2 power supply unit from Murrelektronik, contact their technical team today.

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