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Interviewing Bürkert Experts about the New FLOWave Flowmeter

As the Bürkert Roadshow toured around UK & Ireland earlier on in the year, PIF editor Rachel Wilson had the opportunity to interview Bürkert expert, Clive Halliday about the new FLOWave Flowmeter and the innovative technology behind the impressive innovation.

The FLOWave Flowmeter by Bürkert

Clive Halliday states;

"The FLOWave is very different to anything that has been seen across the industry before. The flowmeter is unique in that it utilises Surface Acoustic Wave Technology."

"Simply put, this means there are no sensors at all on the inside of the flowmeter – meaning no protrusions or flow restrictions. The FLOWave body is just an empty pipe, which fits straight into existing pipework."

The FLOWave is currently being installed in pure water and ultra pure water applications, replacing less superior flowmeter technologies such as Paddle Wheel, Gear and Coriolis. However, the FLOWave is predicted to be the flow meter of choice for more general hygienic and pharmaceutical applications in the near future.

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