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The innovative Triple Screw Pump for hydraulic cooling, lubrication & fuel transfer

Applied Pumps exhibited at the Drives & Controls Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham in April 2014. The PIF team had the opportunity to interview their Managing Director Roy Gibson about the innovative pumps and pumping packages they were exhibiting.

The new triple screw pump from Applied Pumps is a unique solution in the market place, in that it offers a very quiet pumping solution for high volume and high pressure fluids. The Settima triple screw pump lends itself well to hydraulic cooling, lubrication and fuel transfer applications. Watch the video and read this article to learn about the innovative design & application benefits of the Settima triple screw pump.

Roy Gibson talks us through a new product Applied Pumps are launching: The Settima Triple Screw Pump.

Applied Pumps’ Triple Screw Pumps

Design of the Settima Triple Screw Pump

The 3-spindle screw pump is a development of the Archimedes Screw principle. The design of the Settima triple screw pump can be compared with a helical gear pump as the teeth have been drawn axially to make a true helical screw. The meshing screws are relatively long making them extremely efficient and avoiding ‘slip’ problems often associated with gear pumps.

Triple screw pump

The design of the pump is balanced with a small aspect ration making it suitable for high speed running and the design eliminates all radial loading, making the pump very simple and reliable.

Key advantages of the triple screw pump

  • The small diameter of the pump means the pump is suited to tank top units where the pump can be submerged. The pump can also be used as a dry stand-alone pump, which can be fitted directly into pipework.
  • The intimate nature of the screw means volumetric efficiency is high.
  • The robust design and balanced nature of the pump means high pressures can be handled.
  • The pumping action is finite and so the output is very controllable – doubling the size or speed, doubles the output.
  • Screw pumps are able to handle viscous fluids that a centrifugal pump would not be able to handle.
  • Centrifugal forces are not required for operation, so pump speeds can be low, making them highly controllable, smooth and less disruptive.
  • The simplicity of the design makes the pump a cost-effective purchasing decision.

Applied Pumps truly are pumping experts and have the knowledge and expertise to help specify the correct pump into your application. Applied Pumps also supply valves, motors, converters, controls, control panels and filtration equipment.

Company Profile

Applied Pumps Ltd

Applied Pumps Ltd are Industrial and commercial pumps specialists. A completely independent company, we offer a vast of pumps and fluid handling solutions to industries worldwide. We have every type of pump for every type of application.

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