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Innovation with Emparro67 Hybrid

The Emparro67 Hybrid industrial power supply unit from Murrelektronik is described as “a new dimension for decentralised power supplies.” It delivers full transparency with two integrated 24 V DC channels with overload and short circuit monitoring and protection. PIF spoke to Murrelektronik to understand how the Emparro67 Hybrid power supply unit can benefit your system.

Decentralised power supply

Thanks to the Emparro67 Hybrid, 24 V DC power can be mounted in the field right next to the load instead of in the control panel. With an IP67 rating, the Emparro67 Hybrid is an industrial power supply unit fully protected in the field. With the voltage conversion from 230 VAC to 24 VDC taking place in the field, the Emparro67 Hybrid ensures that power loss, transmission losses and energy costs are all reduced.

Because of the PSU’s relocation to the field, it also becomes a space-saving solution. It makes it possible to install a smaller cabinet or in some cases, remove the cabinet altogether.

Electronic current monitoring

The Emparro67 Hybrid’s electronic current monitoring is essential to achieve high operational reliability. Through two integrated MICO channels, the Emparro67 Hybrid is able to monitor two separate circuits supplying power to, for example, sensors, actuators and modules.

Another aspect of the electronic current monitoring function is if a short-circuit or overload occurs on one channel the other channel continues to operate. Each circuit trip current level can easily be adjusted, either at the Hybrid67directly or by using the IO-Link communication interface. Once the fault is cleared the channel can be reset either at the Hybrid 67 or via the IO-Link interface

IO-Link interface

Another feature of the Emparro67 Hybrid power supply IO-link interface. Using an M12 connector the industrial power supply unit is able to communicate extensively as a device to an IO-Link master. This connection allows the Emparro67 Hybrid to transfer diagnostic data in fully networked, intelligent applications.

Benefits of the Emparro67 Hybrid power supply unit

To remain a high performing, reliable power supply unit, the Emparro67 Hybrid must be protected from the elements associated with industrial applications outside of the cabinet. This is achieved through a durable and compact design. The housing is metal and fully potted which ensures the device is protected from mechanical stress, dirt, humidity and cooling lubricants.

Another advantage of this industrial power supply unit is that it is highly energy efficient. This is a result of 93.8% of the energy applied to the unit being used. They can also be touched due to their lowered surface temperature which makes them suitable for an extensive array of applications. This feature allows for full accessibility even at the height of the operation.

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For more information and technical advice about the Emparro67 Hybrid industrial power supply, contact the team at Murrelektronik today.

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