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Industry 4.0-ready photoelectric sensors in hygienic & washdown design deliver extra reliability for the food industry

If you are looking for an Industry 4.0 sensor that is ideal for use within critical environments and the food industry then sensor and measurement device specialists, Baumer UK have the answer. Their range of photoelectric sensors in hygienic and washdown design deliver maximum reliability at minimal operating costs and benefit from an IO-link interface.

These sensors meet the highest safety standards of the food industry and Baumer UK was one of first manufacturers to offer hygienic sensors that deliver adjustable sensing distances on the device thanks to the wear-free qTeach procedure.

Ready for Industry 4.0

One of the key elements of the 0300 and 0500 sensors from Baumer is that they have an integrated IO-Link interface. This enables easy automated parameterisation of sensors for fast and flexible format changes. The interface supplies all aspects including bi-directional transmission of measuring ranges or switchable distances, as well as qualified process and diagnostic data. This enables further benefits such as optimised maintenance and improved process quality.

Why use sensors with IO-link interfaces?

It is the role of the sensor to precisely measure and record different values in order to determine the efficient performance of an application. IO link provides valuable additional information while these values are being processed within the sensor that can then be used to improve your business processes. Here are some of the key benefits of IO link sensors.

Cost effective and securely connected

With a 4 pin standard cable connection between the sensor and IO link master, a secure connection is guaranteed. No conversion is required due to the loss-free transmission of digital signals making it cost-effective as well as secure.

Extended setting options

The additional functions available through IO-link, including the free selection of switching points, adjustable measuring ranges, and filter functions allow for precise and reliable sensor configuration.

Additional data

IO link sensors offer transparency through process data which is easy to evaluate in IT systems. Predictive maintenance can also be arranged thanks to the analysis data provided and identification and parameter data can also be directly evaluated digitally.

Fast sensor exchange

Should the sensor need replacing, IO link enables automated parameters. This enables the changeover to happen quickly and efficiently, reducing plant downtime in the instance of a failure.

Safe operation

The sensor setting is intuitively visualised with function monitoring via a smart device that is also available. IO link enables its sensor to directly integrate into engineering tools. The installation of an access blog for local parameterisation is also possible.

Increased flexibility

IO link enables sensors to carry out simple parameterisation during format or recipe changes during production operation. This enables the sensor to be highly flexible with maximum machine utilisation.

The 0300 and 0500 photoelectric sensors

Both the 0300 and 0500 photoelectric sensors are designed in conjunction with the proTect+ impermeability concept, which enables all sensors with hygienic washdown design to deliver outstanding resistance, long service life, and the very best process reliability. These sensors are designed using high-quality materials and are available as diffuse sensors with background suppression, retro reflective, or with SmartReflect.

Compliant with EHEDG and FDA, the 0300 and 0500 photoelectric sensors are ideal for use in the food industry, with adhesion of dirt through use avoided thanks to the smooth, grove-free surface. The sensors are also Ecolab-certified with protection class IP69K and therefore are capable of standing up to high-pressure cleaners and aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents.

To learn more about Baumer’s photoelectric sensors and saving resources in the food and beverage industry, contact Baumer UK today.

Company Profile

Find out how Baumer IO-Link solutions are driving OEE efficiencies

The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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