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How does a hygienic temperature sensor improve monitoring?

Hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, and food and beverage industries require precision temperature control and the highest sanitary standards. Baumer’s range of hygienic temperature sensors delivers in spades on both counts. In this article, PIF discusses the features and merits of their most innovative hygienic temperature sensors.

Specifying devices for the measurement of crucial parameters like flow, temperature and pressure all too often boils down to cold, hard economics. Of course, performance, reliability and usability hold a certain degree of sway. But the bottom line is more often than not the bottom line. However, hygienic applications require an additional layer of device specification that goes well beyond budgetary concerns.

When process measurements involve products destined for human consumption, there can be no cutting corners. In fact, a whole different level of requirements need to be fulfilled in order to protect the end user from the dangers of product contamination. This is where the acquisition of measurement equipment that meets stringent 3-A sanitary standards is essential to ensuring the safety and confidence of customers.

Baumer hygienic temperature sensors

The most accurate measurement device for process temperature control is the resistance temperature detector (RTD). Baumer supplies a range of hygienic RTDs that are designed to monitor process and fluid temperatures in installations, pipes or tanks. Their range of 3-A sanitary, FDA-compliant, EHEDG-certified temperature sensors delivers fast and efficient temperature measurements, and can withstand the aggressive cleaning agents of CIP/SIP washdowns.

Baumer CombiTemp TFRH

Baumer’s CombiTemp TFRH is a hygienic RTD temperature sensor that can be individually configured to the specific application requirements. Available with or without a touch screen, the CombiTemp TFRH delivers a 4 … 20 mA, HART or Pt100 output signal at immersion depths ranging from 20 mm to 3000 mm. It is also reassuringly easy to install and operate.

Baumer TE2

The rugged Baumer TE2 is a compact RTD temperature sensor capable of precision measurements ranging from -50 °C to +250 °C at an immersion depth of up to 3000 mm. Available with an integrated 4 ... 20 mA transmitter or Pt100 output, this hygienic temperature probe can be easily integrated into everything from DN 25 piping through to full-scale tank installations.

Baumer TER8

Whilst not an RTD, the Baumer TER8 is a front-flush and low-invasive resistance thermometer offering incredibly fast response times in tricky temperature sensing applications, like in stirrers and pigging systems. Also offering the choice of an integrated 4 ... 20 mA transmitter or Pt100 output, this hygienic temperature sensor is constructed from AISI 316L stainless steel and is 3-A-compliant without elastomers.

Benefits of hygienic temperature sensors from Baumer

As a world-renowned innovator in the field of sensor technology, it’s safe to say that Baumer knows a thing or two when it comes to hygienic temperature sensors. The benefits of choosing one of their sensors are numerous. Not only are they safe, hygienic and certified to the highest standards, but they’re also efficient, easy to install and cost-effective. They’re an all-round monitoring package for hygienic applications.

For more information, visit www.baumer.com.

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