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GX Design works with Deregallera on one of a kind wooden car

Here at PIF, we have been speaking to GX Designs, the leaders in innovative product design and system development. They work to improve problematic tasks that could potentially become time-consuming and costly, while at the same time pushing product design technology to new and exciting levels. Read on to learn more about the boundary-pushing three-wheeled car by Deregallera: the Yr Glanaf - a revolutionary product.

Developing the Yr Glanaf

With climate change reaching critical levels of urgency, most car manufacturers are working around the clock to create new models that are sustainable and not too harsh on the environment. We’ve all heard of electric cars, there’s nothing new there - but what about an electric car made of wood? This is where the prototypical Yr Glanaf comes in.

That’s right, the Yr Glanaf is challenging traditional vehicular design by being made up of completely environmentally responsible materials. Engineering company Deregallera approached the experts at GX Design after hearing about their love of the unusual and quickly got them on board with the challenge.

Welsh company Deregallera wanted a company to partner with that was just as unique as they are and, of course, GX Design was the most obvious choice. When it came to the aesthetics of the car, GX Design were in charge of creating the look - which, it has to be said, certainly is a striking one. Another positive is that Welsh Western Cedar wood, which has been locally sourced, was selected as the main material for the car.

Unique and innovative design

Wood is as light as it is robust and is far more sustainable than the standard materials that are used in vehicle design, as its production does not use up as much energy. But the originality of the design does not stop here - instead of a steering wheel, the car contains controls and dials to really help the driver immerse themselves into the futuristic mindset.

If you are wondering how the car is actually powered, the answer is quite simply: batteries! Once again, the collaborating partners were ensuring that the car is as kind to the environment as possible. This means that the engine is far less likely to encounter complications and will ultimately save the driver time and money, as fuel-based engines always come hand-in-hand with complications and expenses - as many of us know!

Here at PIF, we are always fascinated by companies that are not afraid to think outside of the box and challenge traditional ideals. It is safe to say that Deregallera and its striking Yr Glanaf have definitely exceeded our expectations! For more information about this collaboration, visit the GX Design website at www.gxgroup.com.

Company Profile

GX Design

GX Design work to create new and innovative products for the engineering sector, and each one is totally different to the other. Renowned for their unique design, they assist a huge range of industries by making their applications more cost-effective, fast and efficient.

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