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Going to new limits with the Baumer Ultrasonic sensor range

In our latest article, Process Industry Forum spoke to the experts at Baumer UK to find out more about their innovative ultrasonic sensor range that features the shortest possible blind range of just 20mm. Baumer is dedicated to creating fantastic new equipment and technologies that go beyond the limits of conventional technology, and their ultrasonic sensors U500 and UR18 are no different. Read on to learn more about this exceptional ultrasonic sensor range.

More robust than all comparable sensors on the market

Baumer pride themselves on creating technology that is built to last. That is why they are so proud of the U500 and UR18 sensor families that are not only more robust than the comparable sensors on the market, but they also deliver an exceptionally short blind range at even very long sensing distances. The Ultrasonic sensors U500 and UR18 from the Baumer Ultrasonic sensor range offer an unmatched blind range of just 20mm in the 1,000mm class. This makes them yet another world-class solution from the experts at Baumer.

Baumer ultrasonic sensors defy the laws of physics

“Conventionally, the blind range of an ultrasonic sensor amounts to 10-15% of the total sensing range which is due to a physical phenomenon”, explains Jon Sumner, the Managing Director of Baumer UK.

Jon Sumner goes on to explain “Baumer, however, succeeded in cutting it down to a world benchmarking 2%”. This incredible 2% blind range means that in practice a 20mm blind range can be found in an overall sensing distance of up to 1,000mm. This is unique and unmatched within the industry, making these sensors truly one of a kind.

Baumer ultrasonic sensors are well suited to versatile applications

The Baumer ultrasonic sensor range is well suited to versatile applications that work across a variety of objects and mediums that must be detected. This ultrasonic sensor is also very versatile in the environmental conditions it suits.

Jon Sumner at Baumer explains “users with frequently changing applications requirements on sensing distance and blind range usually require more sensor variants, since standard ultrasonic sensors with narrow bling range only provide limited sensing range.”

The experts at Baumer have created a long-distance sensor that no longer needs to compromise on the blind range. The U500 and UR18 ultrasonic long-distance sensor range can cover a sensing distance of 20mm to 1,000mm which reduces the risks created by larger blind ranges. This also simplifies installation and sensor alignment which works to reduce installation and engineering costs.

Precise, flexible and application-specific parameterisation

The U500 and UR18 ultrasonic sensor range enable precise, flexible and application-specific parameterisation via the IO-Link interface. Baumer explains that “the sonic beam size, for example, quickly and easily adapts to container opening and fluid to be detected. The sensors provide real added value by secondary diagnostic and process data. This results in increased system effectiveness and sustainable process optimization.”

Buy ultrasonic long-distance sensors from Baumer

Do you have an application that requires a long-distance ultrasonic sensor that can stand up to any challenge? Contact Baumer to find out more about their robust ultrasonic sensor range.

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