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Glaston’s range of compressed air systems

PIF spoke to Glaston Compressor Services to find out about the key differences between variable speed compressors and fixed speed compressors. As Glaston are experts when it comes to advising upon the most applicable compressed air systems for your industrial systems, PIF spoke to Glaston Managing Director, Michael Douglas to discuss both air compressors and their properties.

Michael explains that “traditionally fixed speed compressors are more common with many industrial companies opting for this air compressor compared to variable speed compressors. However, if you need an air compressor to deal with varying air demands, a variable speed compressor (VSD) might be the better option”.

Variable speed compressor or fixed speed compressor?

Based in Skelmersdale in North West of England, Glaston Compressor Services has over 30 years of experience in providing businesses with high-quality compressed air systems. As leaders in their field, Michael Douglas states that “many make the mistake of opting for variable speed compressors on the basis that the technology is much more superior, therefore this brings efficiency and cost saving benefits. However, depending upon your site's requirements, variable speed compressors might not be worth the investment”.

As the key differences between both air compressor systems are the motor, maintenance cost and energy savings, variable speed compressors have the added advantage of being able to adapt to changing air demand. When we spoke to Michael Douglas, he advised us that “variable speed compressors are suited to sites who experience peaks in production. On the other hand, businesses who experience drop offs or sporadic sudden surges in production that can not be controlled, a fixed speed compressor might be a better option.”

Key advantages of variable speed compressors

Variable speed compressors offer the key advantage of being able to manage fluctuating air demands by controlling speeds. As variable speed compressors control speed to a much slower, constant level, they produce less and absorb less energy, making them save on energy costs. Michael made it apparent that variable speed compressors can save approximately 30% on average compared to fixed speed compressors.

Michael advised us on some key takeaway attributes of variable speed systems:

  • Stop and start under full system pressure
  • Run on 100% air flow
  • Low pressure means minimised system leakages
  • Consistent plant pressure
  • Soft motor starts
  • Removing blow-off loses during operation

The key differences between variable speed compressors and fixed speed compressors

Both variable speed compressors and fixed speed compressors offer different advantages. However, the key differentiator of variable speed compressors, to fixed speed compressors is its ability to offer vast reliability when air demand fluctuates and considerable energy saving costs.

Variable speed compressors feature the stop-start technology under full system pressure, allowing you the ease of not having to unload the air compressor.

However, fixed speed compressors allow a constant supply of compressed air 24/7 and as Michael advises “fixed air compressors are best suited to some but not all applications, as they are limited to a fixed RPM unless turned off manually, applications that need constant compressed air can benefit enormously off fixed air compressors as they have lower capital costs, lower maintenance and repair fees and lower part costs compared to their variable speed compressor counterparts.

Michael advises that “if your business operates a 24/7 production, requiring a continuous compressed air system, without any disruptions, fixed speed compressors can offer more reliability compared to variable speed compressors. However, if your business has variable production outputs, a variable speed compressor will use much more energy, thus cost greater.

Glastons range of fixed speed compressors and variable speed compressors

If you are unsure whether your industrial application requires a fixed speed compressor or would be more suited to a variable speed compressor, Glaston Compressor Services can accurately advise upon the most effective air compressor system for requirements. Why not contact the specialists at Glaston today!

Company Profile

Glaston Compressor Services

Glaston Compressor Services is a supplier of high performance, energy efficient products including air compressors, nitrogen generators and compressed air filters.

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