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How Glaston’s air compressor finance packages can benefit your business

If you require compressed air on an every-day, or occasional basis it can be a particular difficult task choosing a supplier. PIF spoke to Glaston Compressor Services to learn about their range of air compressor services and their bespoke air compressor finance deals. Read on to find out about Glaston’s three key air compressor package deals.

The three air compressor package deals offered by Glaston

  • Long-term savings - including compressor audits
  • No up-front costs - finance through energy savings
  • Deferred purchase - convenient hire over long/short-term periods

Long-term savings - including compressor audits

The long term savings deal offered by Glaston makes sure air compressor equipment is the most energy-efficient it can be, over longer periods of time. As market leaders in the UK’s compressed air market, Glaston understands the importance of managing compressed air equipment audits. Glaston’s regular audit ensures long term efficiency of compressed air equipment, resulting in energy savings.

Glaston’s fully managed air compressor service provides two options for auditing factories. Firstly, Glaston can provide all of the information and paperwork to complete an audit independently. Alternatively, there is the option for Glaston to manage audits on your behalf and produce detailed energy savings reports.

This air compressor package deal can instantly reap cost-saving benefits for businesses. As there is not normally an upfront cost associated, Glaston’s long-term savings package can provide enormous energy savings on air compressor equipment.

No up-front costs - finance through energy savings alone

Alternatively, Glaston provides the opportunity to finance air compressor equipment by energy savings alone. This package entitles receiving the necessary funding for the air compressor equipment from Glaston, who receive their income from pre-arranged savings of company’s air compressor energy savings. Once air compressors are paid off, businesses will reap all the benefits and energy savings themselves.

Glaston’s no upfront cost finance package is hassle-free, making regular payments that equal no more than the money saved.

Deferred purchase -  hire over long or short-term periods

Finally, Glaston also offers a deferred purchase hire option. This deal is designed to suit individual finance requirements and can be taken over short or long-term periods, making it a perfect option for a compressed air system that’s tailored to you.

How can Glaston’s finance packages benefit your business?

Glaston’s air compressor finance packages can offer businesses many options for purchasing or financing equipment. Based in Skelmersdale, Glaston compressor services provide air compressor equipment to the whole of the North West and have a SafeContractor status. This means all air compressor equipment is handled in a safe and legislated environment.

With excellence in air compressor supplies why not contact Glaston Compressor Services today on 01695 51010 to find out more about any of their finance packages available.

Company Profile

Glaston Compressor Services

Glaston Compressor Services is a supplier of high performance, energy efficient products including air compressors, nitrogen generators and compressed air filters.

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