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Fluid Controls provides insight into future of wastewater

Keeping up-to-date on future industry developments is of the utmost importance for businesses within the process industry. Here, PIF spoke to one of the UK’s leading distributors of pressure control products, Fluid Controls Ltd, to gain first-hand knowledge into the trends affecting the wastewater industry.

The importance of being future-ready in the water and wastewater industry

With changing water treatment requirements, government and industry leaders are looking towards the future of wastewater. Being future-focused will aid businesses to react promptly to developments and sculpt tomorrow’s wastewater industry. Fluid Controls explained to PIF about the three major trends impacting the industry and also provided insider knowledge as to how other businesses within the process industry can prepare for the future of wastewater.

Key trends impacting the wastewater industry

  • Advancements in wastewater reuse
  • Decreased groundwater pumping
  • Improved seawater desalination

Advancements in wastewater reuse

Technology is a key advancement in any industry and in-particular, wastewater practices are seeing fundamental changes. In the wastewater management industry, Fluid Controls explained there has been notable advancements in industry practices and the technology used. The wastewater industry has turned to industrial operations technology to increase their recovery of produced water, with both direct and indirect potable reuse practices more palatable and technology efficient.

In addition, Fluid Controls also informed PIF that there has been an increased focus on affordable alternatives to augment water. The main aim of this is to help with depletion related events such as seawater intrusion and groundwater salting. There has now been a renewed focus on industrial recycling systems. When prompted for key insider wastewater knowledge, Fluid Controls revealed that a key focus for the future of the industry will be to provide more cost-effective water treatment. This development is due to the exponential growth of water supplies.

Decreased groundwater pumping

Fluid Controls advised there need to be industry changes and further regulations regarding wastewater treatment. Due to the exponential growth of desired water supplies as mentioned earlier, water reuse has grown in prominence. As such, there has been a reduction of groundwater pumping and industrial operations have reduced the usage of underground aquifers following years of over-pumping. By implementing stricter regulations, this will help encourage water companies to look towards the implementation of sustainable industrial wastewater systems.

Improved seawater desalination

In recent years there has been a greater focus on creating a greener desalination process. Desalination refers to improving saltwater purification. The greener the desalination process, the less demand for chemicals and energy. Further developments will make desalination a more affordable process and a result, more opportunities for further growth for the water and wastewater industry as a whole.

Wastewater solutions from Fluid Controls

With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that Fluid Controls has its sights firmly set on the future, as illustrated by their range of flow controllers for effective wastewater treatment.

Fluid Controls Ltd is a key supplier for industrial wastewater recycling systems. Their automatic flow rate controllers from W.A. Kates can compensate for any changes in supply and discharge pressures, maintaining a constant flow. W.A. Kates’ flow controllers can help improve a multitude of industrial water and wastewater systems.

For more information about this future-ready pressure control distributor, visit their website or contact them today on 0118 970 2060 or via email at [email protected].

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