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Fluid Controls’ guide to Bürkert process valves

PIF spoke to valve specialists Fluid Controls to get their take on why Bürkert has been at the cutting edge of fluid control for the better part of 60 years and to get their complete guide to some of their most innovate process valve ranges.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases. They offer the widest range of equipment to actuate, monitor, network, position and decentralise process control into the field. This is done by offering pilot valves, feedback switches, controls heads, positioners and, of course, process valves.

Bürkert process valves

Bürkert’s ever evolving innovation has created a remarkable range of attractive and hardworking process valves, which can be combined to give the best possible fit for purpose. With unlimited modularity, Bürkert process valves save you time with valves suited for a broad range of media. From slurries to steam, de-ionized water to hydrochloric acid; their process valves give you the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a quality product borne out of many years of experience.

“Our innovative approach to your success is to secure your process efficiency, lower your downtime, increase your safety and boost your competitive advantage,” says Bürkert’s promotional blurb. “Whether you need a single component, or a complex system solution, we always focus on optimum process reliability, efficiency and economy and with our certified quality system in accordance with ISO 9000 – 9004 we do it right and on time,” they add.

Bürkert angle seat valve

The ideal alternative to complex actuated ball valves, the Bürkert angle seat valve range is a real fit and forget solution. These valves can be configured to regulate flow below the seat; for waterhammer free operation in water and other non-gaseous processes. Or flow above the seat; for compressible media including gases and steam, using a smaller actuator.

Bürkert’s Type 2300 angle-seat valve

Bürkert’s Type 2300 angle-seat valve fulfils tough criteria for process environments. Available in either stainless steel on stainless steel or with a durable PTFE seal for tight shut-off, this durable process valve offers unrivalled cycle life and sealing integrity is guaranteed by the proven self-adjusting packing gland. While the parabolic trim results in a flow characteristic approximately 35% larger than conventional control valves. With the Type 2300, you can expect the combined benefits of good control and high flow rate, as well as a long service life.

Bürkert diaphragm valves

Available in a wide range of plastic and metallic materials, the isolated and media resistant design of the Bürkert diaphragm valve range has an excellent reputation for versatility and reliability in both aseptic and in industrial applications where corrosive, pure or abrasive media are controlled. The diaphragm is the key performance component within a modular architecture and is relied on to provide leak-tight shutoff to the downstream side of the weir, to atmosphere and to the actuator mechanism.

Bürkert Type 6213 Servo-assisted

The Bürkert Type 6213 2/2 way diaphragm valve is a servo-assisted solenoid valve from the S.EV series. The spring coupling of the diaphragm supports the opening process of the valve and, in its standard version, the valve is suitable for use in liquids. A minimum differential pressure is required for complete opening but a special version (HP00) opens the valve without differential pressure, which is available for gas and vacuum applications. Various diaphragm material combinations are available depending on your application.

Contact Fluid Controls today to find out more about their complete range of Bürkert process valves by calling +44 (0) 118 970 2060 or email [email protected].

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