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Flow Pulsar Flow Monitoring saves est £1.5 million with Welsh Water application

Preparing for AMP6 Compliance and Asset Management? The Flow Pulse flow monitor offers easy installation with no disruption to service and pipework. Pulsar explain to PIF how their Flow Pulse Flow Monitoring product helped save Welsh Water an est. £1.5 million.

Flow Pulse

Working within water companies

Pulsar Process Measurement is one of the UK’s leading pump control, level and flow measurement instrumentation manufacturers and works in collaboration with UK water and wastewater companies to produce products that aid with compliance, asset management, and energy/cost savings. Pulsar’s latest product, Flow Pulse, is a non-invasive flow monitor that simple clamps onto the outside of a pipe and provides immediate repeatable and reliable flow monitoring.

Pulsar in water companies

The Flow Pulse flow monitor is already proving its worth within the wastewater industry and has saved Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water an estimated £1.5million compared with the installation and disruption costs they would have incurred if the alternative, Magflow meters, were used across their 160 measurement points. The applications where DCWW have used Flow Pulse are critical Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS) where they wanted to continuously monitor the efficiency and performance of individual pumps in order for maintenance to be planned, efficiency maximisation as well as supporting Compliance through confirming pump operation during extreme storm conditions.

How does Flow Pulse work

Flow pulse

Flow Pulse uses a technique referred to as advanced digital Refracted Spread Spectrum Analysis (RSSA) which has never been used before in flow monitoring. It incorporates a new radical Digital Signal Processing (DSP) approach that gives exceptional repeatability. The Flow Pulse sensor produces a wide ultrasonic beam that is refracted by the pipe wall and reflected by suspended particles in the flowing media. Ultrasound is fired through the pipe wall at 90° to the flow via a tangentially mounted high output ceramic and then refracted at angles across the axis of the flow, and subsequently reflected from the bubbles, particles and vortices in all directions and at a wide range of frequencies. These multiple reflections are received back into the unit via a second high performance ceramic and are then analysed using the RSSA digital signal processing platform to derive flow and provide real-time analysis and flow rate calculation.

Due to Pulsar’s innovative Flow Pulse, and the benefits it has offered to water companies such as DCWW, Flow Pulse was awarded the Innovation of the Year 2014 Award from the Institute of Water (UK).

Company Profile

Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd

Pulsar manufactures and supplies level, open channel flow and pump instrumentation. There strength is in ultrasonic level measurement.

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