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Emparro 3-phase power supplies for 24 V applications

Murrelektronik’s Emparro family has a new member. The newly developed Emparro 3-phase power supplies for 24 V applications are quality power management systems that are not only extremely reliable but also extraordinarily efficient, as a result of their integrated reserved power. Plus, they don’t require much space in the cabinet.

Emparro 3-phase power supplies

Reliable power supply units are an essential component to ensure maximum availability of machines and systems. Therefore, reliability was a high priority during the development of Murrelektronik’s new Emparro 3-phase units. Their remarkably high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) value of about 1,000,000 hours shows this clearly.

Achieving this MTBF is possible because of their high-quality components, the modern and slim circuit board design and the processor-controlled electronics. An integrated gas discharge valve protects the power supply from interfering pulses up to 6 kV. Therefore, overvoltage coming from the mains, EMC interference (as caused by frequency converters) or contact bounces cannot cause any damage.

The up to 95% efficiency rating is another reason the Emparro 3-phase unit has such a long life span. The resulting power loss is very low which exposes the components to less thermal stress. The Emparro 3-phase efficiency rating is the same whether it’s operating at full power or at any point along the load range including when it’s operating at low capacity. This is an important benefit, especially when compared to other power supplies.

The Emparro 3-phase power supply unit

A special feature of the Emparro 3-phase power supply units is that they have reserved power integrated. They’re designed in such a way that ensures they can be operated with up to 20% overload in ambient temperatures of up to 45° C. The 5 A models continuously supply 6 A, 10 A models 12 A, 20 A models 24 A and 40 A models 48 A.

Emparro 3-phase

This offers two essential benefits. The first is that if additional loads have to be connected to a machine or a system, Emparro 3-phase offers the necessary reserve. The second is if the demand is close to the maximum of a power supply, a larger power supply does not have to be used. Instead, the reserve can be used to meet the demand. Thus saving, cabinet space and money that would have been spent on a larger power supply.

Emparro 3-phase also features two different boost functions: power boost and hyper boost. The Power Boost supplies 50% more power for up to five seconds, while the Hyper Boost provides up to 400% more power for up to 20 ms.

“Expensive downtime caused by defective power supplies is something to be avoided,” says Manuel Senk, Product Manager at Murrelektronik. “This is why technicians take care to select durable, long lasting components. With Emparro 3-phase, we’ve developed a power supply that meets all aspects of their needs.”

What is an Emparro 3-phase power supply unit’s benefits?

Emparro 3-phase power supplies are very compact. The 20 A model fits in a 65 mm wide housing. When compared to similar power supplies, this saves a lot of space in the cabinet. The vibration resistant push-in terminals also make installation tool free, so connection maintenance becomes a thing of the past. While the integrated fuses help to reduce planning and wiring efforts.

The Emparro 3-phase also offers many other practical features, including continuous 2-phase operation, parallel operation (connect up to five Emparro 3-phase units to each other) and alarm contact for over voltage, short circuit and temperature. It also benefits from excellent EMC characteristics, LED indicators

Derating from 60° C and a QR code for direct access to technical documentation.

For more information, please visit www.murrelektronik.uk. To speak to a Murrelektronik adviser today, call +44 (0)161 72831-33 or email [email protected].

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